Arie Sulistyoko
Universitas Islam Negeri Antasari Banjarmasin

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TANGGUNG JAWAB KELUARGA DALAM PENDIDIKAN ANAK DI ERA KOSMOPOLITAN (Tela’ah Tafsir Kontemporer Atas Surat At-Tahrim Ayat 6) Arie Sulistyoko
IQRO: Journal of Islamic Education Vol 1, No 2 (2018): DESEMBER 2018
Publisher : Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palopo

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In an effort to produce a strong and quality future generation, there needs to be consistent and continuous efforts from parents in carrying out the task of nurturing, nurturing and educating their children physically and mentally until the child is mature and / or can stand alone, where the task this is the obligation of parents. The issue of child care and care is a problem related to the protection of children's own welfare in an effort to improve the quality of children in their growth, and prevent the neglect and unfair treatment to realize children as humans who are whole, resilient, intelligent and virtuous. So, shelter for children is parents. in the lives of people everywhere, families are the smallest unit with a very large role. A very big role is caused, because the family has a very important function in the continuity of people's lives. The process of knowing the rules and values adopted, for the first time was obtained in the family.
Syariah: Jurnal Hukum dan Pemikiran Vol 16, No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Universitas Islam Negeri Antasari Banjarmasin

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The affirmation of state idea that based upon the law proves that the law is put in an important position in the life of the state as the embodiment of the sovereignty of law. Therefore, every attitude, policy, action or behavior of tools and citizens in the life of the nation obey the applicable rules or laws. It is applied equally to every citizens, no exception to the President as head of state and government. Before the changes to the 1945 Constitution, the President and/or Vice-President can be dismissed for reasons that are political, not judicial. It is happened to President Abdurrahman Wahid that was dismissed from office by the Assembly by not using the constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945 as the legal basis but using TAP MPR number III year 1978.