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Analisa Penerapan Metode Multi Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) dengan Pembobotan Rank Order Centroid (ROC) Dalam Pemilihan Lokasi Strategis Coffeshop Milenial di Era New Normal Ade Ayunda Kusuma; Zaza Mutiara Arini; Uswatun Hasanah; Mesran Mesran, M.Kom
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON) Vol 3, No 2 (2021): Desember 2021
Publisher : STMIK Budi Darma

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Covid-19 is a type of Coronavirus that attacks and infects the human respiratory system. The Covid-19 pandemic has also hit Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. The impact of the pandemic has been felt by the Indonesian people, such as the weakening of the cultural, educational and economic sectors. Especially in the economic sector, Millennial Coffeshop owners are trying to get up in this New Normal era. However, the difficulty of choosing the right and strategic business location poses a serious problem for business owners. Therefore, a solution is needed in the form of an SPK that applies the MAUT method along with the use of ROC to generate weight values. The calculation of several data samples produces the best final utility value in determining the strategic location of the Millennial Coffeeshop, which is located in alternative A1 with the best final utility value of 0.8054.
Analisa Penerapan Metode Operational Competitiveness Rating Analysis (OCRA) dan Metode Multi Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) Dalam Pemilihan Calon Karyawan Tetap Menerapkan Pembobotan Rank Order Centroid (ROC) Abdul Karim; Shinta Esabella; Kusmanto Kusmanto; Mesran Mesran; Uswatun Hasanah
Publisher : STMIK Budi Darma

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For companies, employees are an important aspect that must be supported by quality human resources. In the selection of permanent employees, usually the leadership in a company conducts an objective selection process in accordance with predetermined criteria. However, leaders often face several problems in this process, such as the selection is carried out in stages so that it takes a long time and the assessment of prospective employees is still done manually, making mistakes often occur. Therefore, a decision support system is needed as a solution to these problems by applying a comparison of the Operational Competitiveness Rating Analysis (OCRA) method and the Multi Attribute Utility Theory (MAUT) method and the weighting obtained by the Rank Order Centroid (ROC) method. The test results obtained the best alternative that is considered feasible as a permanent employee is in the same alternative, namely A5 on behalf of Risa Sabrani. The OCRA method produces the best preference value of 1.56 while the MAUT method produces the best preference value of 0.456 as the first rank
Decision Support System for Accepting Pre-Employment Cards during the Covid-19 Pandemic Using the Method Multi Objective Optimization on The Basic of Ratio Analysis (MOORA) Chandra Frenki Sianturi; Lince Tomoria Sianturi; Uswatun Hasanah; Khairunnisa Khairunnisa; Mesran Mesran
The IJICS (International Journal of Informatics and Computer Science) Vol 5, No 2 (2021): July 2021
Publisher : STMIK Budi Darma

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During the Covid-19 pandemic there were many impacts on the community such as social, educational and financial problems, therefore the government as the highest authority in society made a policy for the Pre-Work Card program as a solution to one of the problems, especially in the economic sector that was felt by the community, such as overcoming the problem of unemployment, layoffs, and poverty. With the help of the Decision Support System, it is hoped that they will be able to make the best decisions for prospective Pre-Employment Card recipients. This study aims to determine the best alternative that fits the criteria according to the requirements of the Pre-Work Card by using the MOORA (Multi Objective Optimization On The Basic Of Ratio Analysis) method