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Pengaruh Discount Policy Terhadap Tingkat Penjualan Hari Imbrani
Jurnal Etnik: Ekonomi-Teknik Vol 1 No 1 (2021): ETNIK : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Teknik
Publisher : Rifa'Institute

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The discount policy applied by the company will affect the level of sales, how the company applies the discount policy and how the sales level increases due to the policy and how much influence the implementation of this discount policy has on the company's sales level. This type of research is descriptive statistics with a correlational approach. The study concludes that discount policy has an effect on increasing sales at PT. Lembang Abadi Indah Bandung by 93%, the remaining 7% is influenced by factors, the magnitude of the significant influence is with a very strong relationship between the two variables, namely 0.965, the relationship is functionally with a linear regression approach, namely Y = 1.650. 267 + 13,687X, the results of the hypothesis test state that Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted because t count (10.335) > t table (4.473).
Design of Corporate Performance Assessment Model using the Total Performance Scorecard at PT. Sawitto Indah Berkah Hari Imbrani; Ida Rapida
International Journal of Business, Economics, and Social Development Vol 2, No 1 (2021)
Publisher : Research Collaboration Community (RCC)

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PT. Sawito Indah Berkah is a medium scale company engaged in the LPG Non-Public Service Obligation (NPSO). The company has not applied standard standards in performance assessment. This study aims to determine the performance appraisal model currently used and to design a performance appraisal model using the Total Performance Scorecard. This study uses a survey method with a qualitative approach and the type of research is descriptive modeling. The data collection technique used triangulation. The results showed that the company only applies a financial perspective in measuring performance. This research can provide useful information about the importance of designing corporate performance appraisals. Also, it is expected to be able to assist the company in evaluating its financial function, marketing function, operational function, and human resource function properly.
Effect of Merit System and Work Achievement on Employee Competence at PT Purnatarum Murni Rahayu Bandung Hari Imbrani; Iwan Setiawan
Quantitative Economics and Management Studies Vol. 4 No. 3 (2023)
Publisher : PT Mattawang Mediatama Solution

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Purnatarum Murni Rahayu is engaged in providing Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) services for the Greater Bandung area, as a company that functions as storage, the employees are required to have good competence, this is related to employee performance and employee recruitment planning. This study aims to determine whether the merit system variable has a significant effect on employee competence and whether work performance has a significant effect on employee competence. The research method used is descriptive, verification, namely by describing each variable and testing the three variables with a quantitative (statistical) approach which is then analyzed and compared with existing theories and problems to conclude. Simultaneously the magnitude of the effect of the merit system and work performance is 67.4% on competence while other factors are not examined (epsilon) but affect competence at 33.6%. The results of the study which are based on the partial hypothesis state that the merit system and work performance variables can be detected from the magnitude of the influence of each factor consisting of the merit system factor (X1of32.1%, work performance factor (X235) of,5%, to the competence of employees at PT. Purnatarum Murni Rahayu. This study concludes that the merit system has an effect on employee competence and work performance has a more dominant influence on employee competence than the merit system