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Pengaruh Biaya Produksi Dan Biaya Operasional Terhadap Laba Perusahaan Farmasi Di Indonesia Pada Kurun Waktu 2016 - 2018 Anshori Budiono; Nofriandi Nofriandi; Tuti Herawati; Zaharuddin Zaharuddin; Supriyadi Supriyadi
Jurnal Etnik: Ekonomi-Teknik Vol 1 No 2 (2021): ETNIK : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Teknik
Publisher : Rifa'Institute

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Consumer goods have direct demand characteristics, meaning that consumers are the determinants of purchasing consumer goods. On the other hand, the pricing of consumer goods is determined by retailers, not by producers. Under these conditions, the production and operational costs for producing goods must be as small as possible so that the retailer's selling price to the public can be accepted by consumers.The purpose of this study is to see the effect of increasing production costs and operating costs of pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia in the period 2016 to 2018. The research method is carried out by processing quarterly data on production costs, operating costs, and net income of two pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia during that period. The linearity test of the relationship was carried out by Spearman, Kendall, and Pearson correlation analysis. Meanwhile, to get the relationship, multiple regression was carried out using the Ordinary Least Square and Weighted Least Square methods From the data analysis, using the OLS method, the coefficient values ??of the increase in production costs and operating costs are 0.393 and 0.002. Meanwhile, the WLS method obtained the coefficient values ??of 0.382 and 0.010. This study concludes that there is a potential for increasing profits which is dominated by production factors. In this case, there is the potential to increase the company's profit by increasing production capacity.
Pengaruh Keragaman Barang Dagangan dan Kepuasan Pembeli Terhadap Tingkat Pembelian Barang di Toko Online Anshori Budiono; Sri Mulyani; Alfi Fauzi Ramdani; Dedi Candra; Hardi Hutauruk
Jurnal Etnik: Ekonomi-Teknik Vol 1 No 8 (2022): ETNIK : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Teknik
Publisher : Rifa'Institute

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Increasingly sophisticated digital technology has changed the supply and demand patterns of economic actors through e-commerce or digital marketing. The ease of opening an online store on the marketplace has grown the number of sellers on the marketplace in Indonesia, thereby increasing the level of competition among online stores. With increasingly fierce business competition in the marketplace, sellers at online stores must be able to determine the right sales strategy, one of which is to determine the diversity of merchandise in online stores. This study was conducted to determine the effect of merchandise diversity and buyer satisfaction on the level of purchases at online stores by analyzing data on purchasing goods and consumer ratings in the Shopee Indonesia marketplace. The independent variable in this study is the diversity of merchandise in the online store and the level of buyer satisfaction in the form of a five-star rating by the buyer for purchasing goods at the online store. Meanwhile, the response variable is the level of purchases of goods per year at the online store. From the data analysis, it can be concluded that the diversity of merchandise has an insignificant effect on the level of purchasing goods. Meanwhile, buyer satisfaction has a strong significant influence on the level of purchase of goods