Felix Wilfred
The Asian Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies (ACCS), Chennai, India

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Journal : International Journal of Indonesian Philosophy

Asian Theological Ferment (For Doing Theology in Contemporary Indonesia: Interdisciplinary Perspectives) Felix Wilfred
International Journal of Indonesian Philosophy & Theology Vol 1, No 2 (2020): December
Publisher : Asosiasi Ahli Filsafat Keilahian Indonesia

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Creative theology in Asia started emerging mostly after decolonisation. The experience of nationalist struggles against colonial rule provided a new impetus, new perspectives and indigenous resources for original theological enterprises. The first part of this presentation goes into the analysis of factors and forces at work in the post-colonial era for the creation of Asian theologies. The second part goes into some of the salient features and characteristics of Asian theologies, despite regional differences in terms of societies, cultures and histories. The third and final part highlights the importance of moving in a new direction in Asian theologising, which should assume the nature of public theology. The presentation then goes on to sketch some of the features that will characterise Asian public Theology along with the challenges it presents.