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Pengujian Kualitas Aplikasi Web E-Learning Universitas Pamulang Menggunakan Metode Black Box Fefbi Septa Kristara; Gusti Kanuraga; Rohmat Rohmat; Dedi Yansah; Aries Saifudin; Yulianti Yulianti
Jurnal Informatika Universitas Pamulang Vol 6, No 2 (2021): JURNAL INFORMATIKA UNIVERSITAS PAMULANG
Publisher : Teknik Informatika Universitas Pamulang

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A website will always have vulnerabilities in its system. One of the vulnerabilities that often occur on a website is an input validation problem or error handling that usually occurs in an input form. Testing on the Pamulang University e-learning website is important to guarantee that the software produced is meet the requirements. This test is doing to measure how good is the quality of the Pamulang University e-learning website. Good quality service will give satisfaction to students as users who benefit the most from the website. Testing the Pamulang University e-learning website is done using the black box testing method with the fuzzing technique approach. This technique can display complete information regarding the response from the server when the input form is giving abnormal data. The information obtained will later be analyzed to determine possible vulnerabilities.
OKTAL : Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Sains Vol 2 No 04 (2023): OKTAL : Jurnal Ilmu Komputer Dan Sains
Publisher : CV. Multi Kreasi Media

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The development of technology is currently growing rapidly in the field of information technology and the Internet, especially web-based information systems. Advances in information technology today have many benefits. Utilization of information technology can help all types of businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, managerial decision making and teamwork. Improvements are really felt to occur in the development of information technology, for example, from information gathering, information processing, to information distribution. This occurs due to the desire to obtain fast and accurate information. The research method used is experimental, meaning that the research is conducted to conduct trials on certain problems with the use of certain theories so that the correct test results are obtained between the problems taken and the theory used. The development model used in this research is extreme programming. The purpose and objective of this research is to change the method of checking expired goods which were previously still manually and transferred using a web-based system. Based on the results and discussion in this study, it can be concluded that the application of the extreme progriming method in building an information system on expired goods at the Alfamart Fatmawati branch can assist in handling expired goods more effectively and accurately.