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PELATIHAN PENGARSIPAN SECARA ELEKTRONIK (E-FILLING) BAGI PERANGKAT DESA DI PEKON SUKANEGERI JAYA Dedi Darwis; Heni Sulistiani; Auliya Rahman Isnain; Ikbal Yasin; Fikri Hamidy; Rika Mersita; Elvano Delisa Mega
Journal of Social Sciences and Technology for Community Service (JSSTCS) Vol 3, No 1 (2022): Volume 3, Nomor 1, 2022
Publisher : Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

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This service activity in the form of electronic archiving training or e-filling is motivated by archiving activities carried out at the village office still using the traditional way, namely using paper. This method will cause many problems, so it is necessary to conduct electronic archiving training for village officials. The village office in Pekon Sukanegeri Jaya has been equipped with computer equipment and an internet network that can be used for electronic archive management. However, the skills and knowledge of village officials are still lacking, especially for archiving using Google Drive media. The purpose of implementing this service is that with the existence of electronic archiving training for village officials, it is hoped that archive management at the village office can be more organized and make it easier for village officials to re-search the archive files needed at any time.
Google Spreadsheet Training for Teacher at SMK N 1 Padang Cermin Heni Sulistiani; Fikri Hamidy; Auliya Rahman Isnain; Ikbal Yasin; Rika Mersita; Yunita Yunita; Yasinta Ismi
Journal of Engineering and Information Technology for Community Service Vol 1, No 2 (2022): Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2022
Publisher : Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

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A teacher is a professional educator who educates, teaches a knowledge, guides, trains, provides assessments, and evaluates students. Teachers not only teach formal education, but also other education and can be an exemplary figure by their students. Teacher competencies as referred to in the law include pedagogical competence, personality competence, social competence, and professional competence obtained through professional education. Google Sheets is a web-based software developed by Google, for creating tables, simple calculations, or data processing. Google spreadsheets have a shape and appearance that is not much different from Microsoft Excel. The conclusion that can be drawn from the implementation of the PKM of the Assisted Schools is that training activities in the form of using Google Sheets for financial statement management for teachers majoring in Accounting on April 14, 2022 were carried out well and the result was that teachers became more understanding of making financial reports using Google spreadsheets, so as to be able to provide knowledge and improve their ability to make financial reports.
Sistem Informasi Pembayaran SPP pada Sekolah di Kecamatan Gedung Tataan dengan Metode Extreme Programming Rika Mersita; Dedi Darwis; Ade Surahman
Jurnal Ilmiah Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Vol 2, No 2 (2022): Volume 2, Nomor 2, December 2022
Publisher : Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia

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School financial administration is a step in managing school finances from acceptance to how the finances used are accounted for in an objective and systematic manner. Student financial administration systems in schools such as payment of tuition fees. SPP for schools in the Kelurahan Gedung Tataan still uses a manual process and has not been computerized. The system that runs the process of SPP payment transactions. The development of this system is carried out through several stages of data collection methods. The next stage is software development using the Extreme Programming method and using object-oriented PHP and MySQL programming applications including Unified Modeling Language (UML), as well as application testing using ISO 25010. Testing the application using ISO 25010 with a questionnaire filled out by 7 respondents on the web-based tuition payment system that has been built resulting in a total of 90% with the predicate Very Good, it is concluded that the system built has been considered feasible to be applied in managing tuition transactions in the building district arrangement.