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Masalah-Masalah Hukum Masalah-Masalah Hukum Jilid 41, Nomor 3, Tahun 2012
Publisher : Faculty of Law, Universitas Diponegoro

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Abstract Puppet art, especially the content of his philosophy, is very rich in references to the life of nation and state building are ideal. Puppet raises many pearls of wisdom that is useful in many national and state life.Existence and expression of the philosophy of puppetry, more of the institutionalization of the values of personal and social. Personal and social norms, their enforcement depends on the personal moral awareness or community concerned. Actually be more effective if its institutionalization through legal norms, because the state has the obligation to guard it. But the institutionalization of these values into the philosophy and culture have not been conducted with the maximum norm. To facilitate, to rich culture including philosophy, could be a reference source of civic life, it takes an umbrella and national recognition in the form of legislation. It required a systematic effort to strive for indigenous culture and philosophy of Indonesia, is really the soul of and politics of national law.   Keywords : Formulation, Puppet Philosophy, Legal Norms Abstraksi Kesenian wayang, khususnya kandungan filsafatnya, sangat kaya akan tuntunan kehidupan bangsa untuk membangun negara yang ideal. Di dalam kesenian Wayang banyak terkandung kebijaksanaan yang berguna dalam kehidupan berbangsa dan negara. Keberadaan dan ekspresi dari filosofi wayang, lebih dari pelembagaan nilai-nilai pribadi dan sosial. Penegakan norma tersebut tergantung pada kesadaran moral pribadi atau masyarakat yang bersangkutan. Sebenarnya lebih efektif jika melalui pelembagaan dalam norma hukum, karena negara memiliki kewajiban untuk menjaganya. Tapi pelembagaan nilai-nilai ini ke dalam filsafat dan budaya belum dilakukan dengan maksimal. Untuk memudahkannya, budaya yang kaya filsafat, bisa menjadi sumber referensi dari kehidupan masyarakat. Maka dibutuhkan payung hukum dan pengakuan Negara dalam bentuk undang-undang. Untuk itu diperlukan upaya sistematis dalam memperjuangkan budaya, adat dan filosofi Indonesia kedalam sistem politik dan hukum nasional   Kata kunci : Perumusan, Falsafah Wayang, Norma Hukum
Rekonstruksi Diskresi Dalam Penyelenggaraan Pemerintahan Daerah Suatu Kajian Undang-Undang Nomor 23 Tahun 2014 Tentang Pemerintahan Daerah Junaidi, Muhammad; Sadono, Bambang
Jurnal Selat Vol 5 No 2 (2018): JURNAL SELAT
Publisher : Program Studi Ilmu Hukum Universitas Maritim Raja Ali Haji

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Understanding the discretion or freedom act in countries such laws Indonesia is still have a dilemma due to the position of discretion position as a form of a policy still understood in partial not only the organizers State but also law enforcement. This is what then cause contradiction in the implementation of the State. This study was conducted by the ultimate goal is to provide clarity of the position of the implementation of the discretion in the implementation of the area. In addition to the research also want to analyze the extent of Law No. 23 Year 2014 on the Government the set in the discretion as one of the instrument of public policy. Through the juridical normative this research is expected to see and examines the extent apply the norm and asas that was supposed to be built in the construction of discretion against the implementation of the area. The approach is then do analysis in qualitative with the support of the data secondary consisting of the primary law, the legal tertiary and its laws secondary. The repositioning of discretion in the implementation of local government should certainly put discretion as a manifestation of the whole of the regional administration. The hierarchy of laws and regulations that often become obstacles element in understanding the implementation of discretion needs to be straightened out in accordance with the framework guidelines that the hierarchy of the law only as an element of the means of production in favor of justice, while through politics which is a forerunner to the creation of the essence of the law which aims to achieve fairness, certainty and expediency. 
Masalah-Masalah Hukum Vol 39, No 4 (2010): Masalah-Masalah Hukum
Publisher : Faculty of Law, Universitas Diponegoro

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To facilitate the economic development, the government of the New Order era (1966-1998) practised the Agrarian Law politicization. Politicization of the policy include In setting the Management Authority (Hak Pengelolaan-HPL). HPL has no legal basis in accordance with the hierarchy of procedural legislation, and in substance are also contrary to the fundamental purpose of basic regulation. As a result, causes a lot of controversy and problems in practice. Many cases due to HPL, happens every where. The presence of HPL should be straightened out, especially in term of legal system, given the correct legal basis, or eliminated altogether