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The Role of adaptive MSCs as an Attempt Regeneration of Spermatogenesis Process Using by Hypoxia Precondition In Vitro safitri, erma
Journal of Stem Cell Research and Tissue Engineering Vol. 4 No. 2 (2020): JOURNAL OF STEM CELL RESEARCH AND TISSUE ENGINEERING
Publisher : Stem Cell Research and Development Center, Universitas Airlangga

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The aim of this research was to obtain to get adaptive MSCs by an treatment in hypoxia precondition in viro culture. Ini this research, hypoxia precondition was to be given 3% O2 concentration and compared to those of normoxia culture in O2 > 20%. Results showed that under 3% O2 concentration, CD105+ and CD45- by flowcytometri, immunocytokimia and immunofluorescence didn’t experience of change (undifferentiated). Meanwhile under > 20% O2 concentration, cells have experienced of change (not undifferentiated again), that was indicated with CD105+ become decrease and CD45- increase by flowcytometri, immunocytokimia and immunofluorescence. Conclusion, in this research showed that hypoxia precondition with 3% O2 concentration very support MSCs to constantly adaptive before transplantated for disturbance of spermatogenesis process, because did’nt experience become progenitor cells was not expectation (still undifferentiated).