Mohamad Ikhsan Abu
Universitas Dayanu Ikhsanuddin

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Pengaruh Kemandirian Belajar Terhadap Prestasi Belajar Matematika Pada Siswa Kelas VII SMP Negeri 8 Buton Rahmatia Rahmatia; Mohamad Ikhsan Abu
Jurnal Akademik Pendidikan Matematika Volume 7, Nomor 2, November 2021
Publisher : Program Studi Pendidikan Matematika, Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Dayanu Ikhsanuddin

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The formulation of the problem in this study was an Effect of Independent Learning on the Mathematics Learning Achievement of VII Grade Students of SMP Negeri 8 Buton. The objective of this research was to see the effect of independent learning on matehematics learning achievement in VII grade student of SMP Negeri 8 Buton. This type of study was a quantitative study with a correlation Ex Post Facto approach. the population in this study were all VII SMP Negeri 8 Buton, which consisted of 5 classes that met 139 student. The sampling technique used was rando, sampling technique, which was selelcted 2 classes from 5 classes randomly. After selecting the sample, namely class VII 2 with a total of 27 students and class VII 3 with a total of 27 students, so that the total sample was 54 students. The data technique in this study used a questionnaire and documention. Based on the results of calculations using simple linear regression linear regression equation: = 108.164 + 0.347 X. With at value of 2.094, significant at 0.041 < 0.05. This indicated that H1 was accepted, or H0 was rejected. This meant that there was a significant influence between independent learning on mathematics learning achievement VII grade students of SMP Negeri 8 Buton.