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Journal : Journal of ICT Research and Applications

Frontal Face Detection using Haar Wavelet Coefficients and Local Histogram Correlation Iwan Setyawan; Ivanna K. Timotius; Andreas A. Febrianto
Journal of ICT Research and Applications Vol. 5 No. 3 (2011)
Publisher : LPPM ITB

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Face detection is the main building block on which all automatic systems dealing with human faces is built. For example, a face recognition system must rely on face detection to process an input image and determine which areas contain human faces. These areas then become the input for the face recognition system for further processing. This paper presents a face detection system designed to detect frontal faces. The system uses Haar wavelet coefficients and local histogram correlation as differentiating features. Our proposed system is trained using 100 training images. Our experiments show that the proposed system performed well during testing, achieving a detection rate of 91.5%.
Performance Comparison of Several Pre-Processing Methods in a Hand Gesture Recognition System based on Nearest Neighbor for Different Background Conditions Regina Lionnie; Ivanna K. Timotius; Iwan Setyawan
Journal of ICT Research and Applications Vol. 6 No. 3 (2012)
Publisher : LPPM ITB

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This paper presents a performance analysis and comparison of several pre-processing  methods  used  in  a  hand  gesture  recognition  system.  The  preprocessing methods are based on the combinations ofseveral image processing operations,  namely  edge  detection,  low  pass  filtering,  histogram  equalization, thresholding and desaturation. The hand gesture recognition system is designed to classify an input image into one of six possibleclasses. The input images are taken with various background conditions. Our experiments showed that the best result is achieved when the pre-processing method consists of only a desaturation operation, achieving a classification accuracy of up to 83.15%.
The Use of QLRBP and MLLPQ as Feature Extractors Combined with SVM and kNN Classifiers for Gender Recognition Septian Abednego; Iwan Setyawan; Gunawan Dewantoro
Journal of ICT Research and Applications Vol. 15 No. 3 (2021)
Publisher : LPPM ITB

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Security systems must be continuously developed in order to cope with new challenges. One example of such challenges is the proliferation of sexual harassment against women in public places, such as public toilets and public transportation. Although separately designated toilets or waiting and seating areas in public transports are provided, enforcing these restrictions need constant manual surveillance. In this paper we propose an automatic gender classification system based on an individual’s facial characteristics. We evaluate the performance of QLRBP and MLLPQ as feature extractors combined with SVM or kNN as classifiers. Our experiments show that MLLPQ gives superior performance compared to QLRBP for either classifier. Furthermore, MLLPQ is less computationally demanding compared to QLRBP. The best result we achieved in our experiments was the combination of MLLPQ and kNN classifier, yielding an accuracy rate of 92.11%.