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Implementasi pewarna alami untuk diversifikasi mie sagu ikan pada pelaku usaha mikro mie sagu di Kabupaten Kepulauan Meranti, Riau Syahrul Syahrul; Dewita Dewita; Restu Restu
Riau Journal of Empowerment Vol 1 No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Universitas Riau

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Sago noodles of Selat Panjang have been known by the people of Riau Province and Indonesia, which are produced by microenterprise in the Regency of Kepulauan Meranti. Kepulauan Meranti is one of the largest sago-producing regions in Indonesia and is a marine fish production center. Considering that sago noodle products are rich in carbohydrates but low in protein, it needs innovation to enrich their nutritional value. The purpose of this activity was the application of the microenterprise production of sago noodles with good quality, high nutrition, and to be the superior products. The used method was active participation in learning. The results obtained from this activity that this activity has been carried out well, and the participants had had firsthand experience in processing sago technology enriched with concentrations of fish and natural dyes. This activity has been able to provide insight to partners about products and business development. After the activity, the participants' responses and counseling were very helpful.
Pemberdayaan ekonomi masyarakat pelaku usaha UMKM di Kelurahan Limbungan Kecamatan Rumbai Pesisir Kota Pekanbaru Sri Endang Kornita; Syafril Basri; Restu Restu; Ufira Isbah; Selly Prima Desweni
Unri Conference Series: Community Engagement Vol 2 (2020): Seminar Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Universitas Riau

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The community service activities carried out are Community Economic Empowerment of MSME Entrepreneurs in Limbungan Village, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru City. This activity integrated with the implementation of the Student Community Service Program of 2020. The role of the community service team is business management training (financial management, taxation), strategy of business development, and accompaniment for the 19 MSME entrepreneurs in this area that participated. The aims of this community service activity are to improve understanding and implementation of MSME management in a professional, efficient, and effective way, with the result that can manifest independence and well-being of the community to optimize the existing potential. It is also expected that this training will provide an added value for the community development of MSME entrepreneurs’s business. This training can change community behavior into more creative and improve community income in this area. The training methods are a combination between lectures and accompaniment, where participants will obtain material manual books about finance and taxation of MSME. It can be seen that the participants have more understanding about bookkeeping and finance of MSME, taxation, and online marketing after participating in the integrated community service and student community service program of LPPM UNRI.