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Pemberdayaan Petani Menyikapi New Normal Menggunakan Protokol Bekerja di Lahan dan Proses Distribusi Hasil Pertanian Hairani Siregar; Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar; Ritha F Dalimunthe; Syahfitri Nasution; Syarifah Syarifah
Jurnal Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat Vol 6 No 1 (2021)
Publisher : Universitas Mathla'ul Anwar Banten

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EMPOWERMENT OF FARMERS RESPONDING TO THE NEW NORMAL USING THE WORKING PROTOCOL IN THE LAND AND THE DISTRIBUTION PROCESS OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS. Tanjung Morawa Village, located in Deli Serdang District, North Sumatra Province, has a development potential for agricultural land from food crops, horticulture and secondary crops and agro-ecotourism. The purpose of carrying out community service activities is to determine the potential of natural resources in the agricultural sector, especially “rice field tourism” as agro-ecotourism locations. Standard protocols and modules have not been made for farmers working on the land, at home, or during the distribution of agricultural products during the New Normal Period. For example, farmers rarely use masks, smoke, do not distance between farmers, or do not use gloves when spraying pests on the land. This service was held on 3 August 2020 which attended by 12 rice farmers in Tanjung Rejo Village, Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang Regency, North of Sumatera, with the socialization method for Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) Farmer Protocol in New Normal. This was followed by training on integrated pest control for rice plants using Yellow Sticky Traps, Sweep Net and vegetable pesticides. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate and socialize Protocols and Modules for Farmers to work on the land, interaction at home with family members and when buying and selling in the market, or distribution of agricultural products to support national of food security.
Strengthening UMKM Human Resources Towards Internationalization Ritha F Dalimunthe; Ance Marintan D. Sitohang; Aisyah; Darmilisani; Magdalena Linda Sibarani
East Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Vol. 1 No. 5 (2022): June 2022

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UMKM have enough role big in development economy national. UMKM are activity capable effort expand field work and give service the wider economy of society. UMKM really need Source Power Qualified human (HR) in face competition business moment this. Qualified human resources and have power global competitiveness to Thing determinant UMKM success. Destination study this is for explore strengthening UMKM human resources towards internationalization. Method used in study this is method exploration descriptive that is with analyze the strategy of empowering UMKM in facing the international market with use review approach or studies library. Research results state that HR is superior could obtained through increasing human resources with good quality education formally or informally. Excellent HR capable manage UMKM with utilize wisdom local, good wisdom tangible and intangible local, so that every UMKM has the uniqueness and advantages of each UMKM. With intelligence and skills possessed by UMKM, UMKM can manage wisdom existing local so that UMKM products can compete in the international market.