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Islam Profetik : Misi Profetis Pesantren Sebagai Sumber Daya Ummat Suharto, Babun
TADRIS: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam Vol 14, No 1 (2019): (In Progress)
Publisher : State Islamic Institute of Madura

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This study is a study of the literature that raises the concept of Prophetic Islam: Pesantren's Prophetic Mission as a Community Resource, in this paper there are three first important questions, What is the concept of prophetic Islam? and What is the concept of boarding school? and the third Prophetic in the Ummah edification? By using the content analysis concept to identify the three questions, the results of this study are the concept of prophetic mission as a community resource, and the prophetic concept in the development of the Islamic ummah.Penelitian ini adalah kajian kepustakaan yang mengangkat konsep Islam Profetik: Misi Profetik pesantren Sebagai Sumber Daya Umat, dalam paper ini ada tiga pertanyaan penting pertama, Bagaimana konsep Islam profetik ? dan Bagaimana Konsep pesantren ? dan ketiga Profetik dalam pembedayaan Ummat ?, dengan menggunakan konsep konten analisis untuk membeddah tiga pertanyaan tersebut, hasil dari penelitian ini adalah konsep misi profetik sebagai sumber daya umat, dan konsep profetik dalam pengembangan ummat islam.Kata kunci : Profetik, Pesantren, Ummat
Jurnal Pendidikan Akuntansi Indonesia Vol 5, No 1 (2006): Jurnal Pendidikan Akuntansi Indonesia
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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ANALISIS DAYA SAING JAVA “A” COCOA DALAM RANGKA MENENTUKAN STRATEGI PEMASARANPAM anaysis product showed that Java “A” Cocoa product have high competition in the international market. It’s supported by the resources cost ratio (DRCR) : 0,86. It’s mean that, domestic costs to achieve 86% positive different betweem income for tredeable input cost. So, if we want to create income of product sale Rp. 1,00, we only need sacrifice domestic cost Rp. 0,86. Privat Cost Ratio (PCR) : 0,86 to strengthen the statement that Java “A” Cocoa hame high competitive. It mean, to get income of sale Rp. 1,00, we need domestic resources Rp. 0,84. In multiple regression analysis, premium priice as dependent variable, and cost of : fermentation and drainage, sortasion, package, storage, sanitation, and terminal price as independent variables. All independent variables had influence into premium piece, and the partial influence only several independent variable had significant influence toward premium price for each p;antion. Fermantation and drainafe for PTPN XII and Kendang Lembu pantation, sortation for Jatirono plantation, sanitation for Kalitelepak, and Kalikempit. For general, consumer preferention into production Java “A” Cocoa PTPN XII is fermentation and drainage. Kata Kunci : Daya Saing, Strategi Pemasaran  dan Java “A” Cocoa
Nasional Sharia Commercial Bank Transformation Base on Most Dominant Agreement: Sale and Purchase Contract (Murabaha) Suharto, Babun
Journal of Islamic Economics Perspectives Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Journal of Islamic Economics Perspectives
Publisher : Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business, IAIN Jember, Indonesia

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The purpose of this study proved and tested to what extent sharia banks in Indonesia remain consistent in carrying out their role as one of the financial institutions that accordance with shariah compliance. One of the product is channeling financing with profit-sharing systems. To identify these problems, this research adopted associative quantitative analysis and used panel data regression analysis techniques with E-Views 9. Secondary data were obtained from the annual Report the 12 National Sharia Bank from 2015 to 2017 period. This investigation concluded that there was a significant effect of Murabaha contract financing on profitability. However, Istishna, Mudharaba, and Musyaraka contracts have no significant influence on profitability partially. The study result has demonstrated that even though the sharia banks have been running a business in Indonesia for 27 years, up to now they have not optimized the transaction agreement based on profit-loss sharing.