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Jurnal Pembelajaran Fisika Vol 1, No 1 (2012): JURNAL PEMBELAJARAN FISIKA
Publisher : Jurnal Pembelajaran Fisika

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A lot of physics lab equipments are not available at scholl. The development of ICT makes it possible to create such a virtual lab equipment. The purpse of this study is to develop a medium of learning the tools of ICT-based optics. Development methods used in this study adapted the model of development which include seven procedure development, namely: analysis of needs and characteristics of students, formulating learning goals, formulating the points of matter, preparing evaluation instruments, composing media texts, expert validation, field trials, and the final products. The product have been produced in the form of instructional media optical instruments that contain material, a virtual lab which is equipped with worksheets, exercises with answer keys, and test the competence that comes with the recording of values for each correct answer. The product has been tested in accordance with the theory of quality: very attractive, very easy to use, and highly usable and declared effective as learning media optical instruments in senior high school.Key words: development research, instructional media, and optical instruments.
Workshop Penggunaan Android dalam Membantu Proses Penilaian Pasca Pandemi pada Guru di Kabupaten Pesawaran Provinsi Lampung Riswanti Rini; Hasan Hariri; Sudjarwo Sudjarwo; Ujang Efendi; Ismu Sukamto; Handoko Handoko
Jurnal Kreativitas Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat (PKM) Vol 6, No 3 (2023): Volume 6 No 3 Maret 2023
Publisher : Universitas Malahayati Lampung

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ABSTRAK Penilaian sangat diperlukan bagi seorang pendidik untuk mengetahui tingkat keberhasilan selama proses belajar. Fungsi penilaian adalah untuk dapat mengetahui ketercapaian peserta didik dalam pembelajaran. Penlaian juga penting bagi pendidik untuk introspeksi diri, mengetahui kelemahan dan kelebihan dalam pembelajaran. System penilan yang dilakukan untuk saat ini menggunakan teknologi karena mempermudah proses assesment. Adapun tujuan dari kegiatan ini adalah memberikan pelatihan dasar Assesment  berbasis android pada guru SMA di kab. Pesawaran. Manfaat dari kegiatan ini adalah memberikan pelatihan kepada guru-guru supaya menerapkan penilaian kepada siswa secara efektif, efisien serta tepat guna dengan menggunakan android. Guru mahir menyusun assesment penilaian hasil belajar siswa dan mahir menggunakan android untuk keperluan assesment siswa. Metode kegiatan yang digunakan adalah metode praktek pelatihan dan diskusi sosialisasi. Pemahaman guru terhadap penilaian meningkat, hal ini dibuktikan dengan perbedaan nilai pretest dan post-test. Penggunaan android sangat membantu proses penilaian guru di sekolah dalam hal keefektifan penilaian, pemeriksaan jawaban, mengetahui daya beda soal, dan mengetahui taraf sukar butir. Kata Kunci: Penilaian, Android, Efektifitas  ABSTRACT Assessment is very necessary for an educator to determine the level of success during the learning process. There are things that can determine the achievement of students in learning. Assessment is also important for educators to introspect themselves, knowing the weaknesses and strengths in learning. Even though the pandemic period is not over, it still has to be implemented for students. Assessments carried out during the pandemic can use Android to simplify the assessment process. Objective: to provide basic training on Android-based assessment for high school teachers in Pesawaran. The benefit of this activity is that the teachers who are the research subjects can apply assessments to students effectively, and are appropriate for using Android during a pandemic. Teachers are proficient in compiling assessments of student learning outcomes and proficient in using android for student assessment purposes. Research Methods: The method used in this research is the method of training and discussion of socialization. This method will later find out how the public will know how to use an Android-based assessment application that is categorized in supporting the learning process. Result: Teachers' understanding of grades increased, this was evidenced by the difference between pretest and posttest. Conclusion: The use of android really helps the teacher assessment process in schools in terms of the effectiveness of the assessment, examination, knowing differentiating power, and knowing the level of difficulty of items. Keywords: Assessment, Android, Effectiveness