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Journal : Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology

Cloning of cDNA Encoding GRA1 Protein of Tachyzoite Toxoplasma Gondii Local Isolate Sulistyaningsih, Erma; Moeljopawiro, Sukarti; Subandono, Jarot; Artama, Wayan T.
Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology Vol 10, No 1 (2005)
Publisher : Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Gene encoding GRA1 protein is potent DNA-vaccine candidate against toxoplasmosis. The aim of the researchwas to clone the gene encoding GRA1 protein of tachyzoite Toxoplasma gondii local isolate by DNA recombinanttechnology. Tachyzoite was grown in Balb/c mice in vivo. Messenger RNA was isolated from total RNA and itwas used to synthesis cDNA. Complementary DNA encoding GRA1 protein of tachyzoite Toxoplasma gondii localisolate was amplified and cloned in a prokaryote cloning vector. The recombinant GRA1-encoding gene was thendigesting using EcoRI restriction endonuclease and sequencing. The result showed that the recombinant GRA1-encoding gene consisted of DNA sequences encoding all signal peptide and mature peptide of GRA1 protein.Alignment of recombinant GRA1 sequence to gene encoding GRA1 protein of Toxoplasma gondii RH isolate showed100% homologous.Keywords: GRA1 protein, Toxoplasma gondii, tachyzoite, cloning, cDNA