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Journal of Arabic Literature (JaLi) Vol 2, No 2 (2021): Journal of Arabic Literature (JaLi)
Publisher : Arabic Language and Letters Department

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The aim of this research is to determine the analogy forms of human spiritual journey in Manthiqut Thair’s compendium and it known as human existence which consisted of Jean Paul Sartre’s experential perspective. This research is qualitative descriptive method with a literature philosophy approach. Data source collection techniques in this research are reading and writing. Analyst used Miles and Huberman’s model analysis techniques to interpret the data. Those are data reduction, displayed data, and outcome. The result of this research shows that Fariduddin Attar represented the journey of birds toward Simurg such as human spiritual journey to God with three aspects. First is initial aspect; seeking Simurg that analogized as initial steps of human to travel their life spiritual, transmission aspect; pretext and complaints of birds along the road are as analog to examinations and trials along spiritual humas’s journey, and last aspect is; seeking Simurg is analogized as a sequence of attitudes that must be possessed by human in order “to meet” with God in their heart. While the forms of human existence found in the Manthiqut Thair’s compendium are structure of being-in-itself amount twenty data and structure of being-for-itself as much nineteen data.
Al-Amidi's Critical Thinking and Its Implications to The Discussion of Postmodernism Literature Criticism Fauziyah Kurniawati; Tatik Mariyatut Tasnimah
Center of Middle Eastern Studies (CMES): Jurnal Studi Timur Tengah Vol 15, No 1 (2022)
Publisher : Arabic Literature Department

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This research aims to elaborate al-Amidi's critical thinking and express its implication in the discourse of postmodernism literary criticism. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Data collection uses reading and note-taking techniques. The triangulation used in this research is data triangulation. The data analysis method in this research uses content analysis and hermeneutics methods with elements of interpretation, description, and comparison. The results of this research indicate that al-Amidi's critical method has implication in postmodernist literary discourse on the objectivity aspect of simulation in the narrative of a character based on Jean Baudrillard's assumptions. That is, although postmodernist literature tends to subjectivity to the author, it does not completely forget the basic structure that builds a literary work through a very deconstructive process of meaning. Because in essence, postmodernism has never really been separated from modernism which tends to be objective. If al-Amidi is more inclined to criticism of poetry, then postmodernist literature is more visible in literary works in the form of prose, such as short stories and novels.