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MANAJEMEN PERBEKALAN KANTOR PALANG MERAH INDONESIA Utami, Nur Aini Putri; Wagimin, Ign.; Widodo, Jumiyanto
Jurnal Informasi dan Komunikasi Administrasi Perkantoran Vol 1, No 1 (2012): Edisi 1
Publisher : Pendidikan Administrasi Perkantoran FKIP Univesitas Sebelas Maret

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Abstract: The purposes of this study were to know the implementation of office supplies management of Rec-Cross (PMI) of Surakarta, the problems, and the solutions to overcome that problems. Used a qualitative approach, the result of research showed that PMI Surakarta implemented the functions of office supplies management to managed their supplies. But, in the practice, got problems with limited human resources and too many functions of warehouse and office management. The efforts to overcome those problems included : empowering the industry apprenticeship?s students and Household employees, coping with over functions by asking for help from other staff and by holding training concerning the instrument use and maintenance, coping with the narrow warehouse and its location in the same room with the office by utilizing the existing vertical room, coping with supply release that was not consistent with the predetermined method by guiding activity accurately and rechecking immediately the stock recording and supply, coping with Staff of Logistic and Inventory division who did not have time to rearrange the warehouse after supply releasing by empowering the industry apprenticeship?s students, coping with virus problem delayed data finding and making report by calling the officers to scan the virus, and coping with roof damage by temporarily solution by putting a rainwater container.   Keywords : analysis, supplies management, Red-Cross
Faber Method Classical Piano Learning In Purwacaraka Music School Purwokerto Utami, Nur Aini Putri; Widjajantie, Kusrina
Jurnal Seni Musik Vol 9 No 1 (2020): June 2020
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Semarang

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Purwacaraka Purwokerto Music School is able to give birth to talented classical piano students so they can win various championships. From the observations, this is influenced by the use of the faber method in learning. This study aims to describe learning methods faber at Purwacaraka Purwokerto Music School. The research approach applied in this study is descriptive qualitative. Data collection techniques are carried out by observation, interview and document study. The results of this study indicate that the use of the faber method in classical piano learning in Purwacaraka Purwokerto Music School is only used at the beginner level (Grade Preparatory) and is an excellent method for learning at the beginner level because it uses books specifically designed for beginners with many bring up colorful images that make students imagine, so students understand learning material in their own way. The advantages of the faber method are that students get a strong foundation in reading beam notation, dynamics games and articulation in a score of songs played and this method is a very good method used as a basis for learning piano because it has material and theory that is emphasized to provide basic reference piano playing with piano playing techniques.