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THE MEANING OF ṢALĀT IN AL-QUR'AN: Semantic Analysis of Toshihiko Izutsu Muhammad Syafirin
Jurnal AlifLam: Journal of Islamic Studies and Humanities Vol 1 No 1 (2020): Alif Lam
Publisher : STAI Darul Kamal NW Kembang Kerang

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This article discusses the meaning of ṣalāt in the Qur'an. So far, the word of ṣalāt has only been interpreted in terms of ritual worship alone. In reality, the meaning of ṣalāt in the Al-Qur'an has many meanings. To reveal this variant of meaning, the semantic theory of Toshihiko Izutsu was used in the concept of weltanschauunglehrer and elaborated with literature study-based research which made the Al-Qur'an as the primary material and the commentaries as secondary material. After going through several stages of research, the word ṣalāt in the Al-Quran has several equivalent meanings, such as the words al-dzikr, al-istighfar, al-sujud, and al-Qur'ān. Meanwhile, the antonym of the ṣalāt is sāhûn and mujrimûn.