Ersan Özgür
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The Panel Data Analysis to Identify the Factors Affecting Turkish Currency Assets of Foreign Deposit Banks Ersan Özgür
Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis Vol. 3, No. 3 (2021)
Publisher : Rektorat Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang

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With the implementation of free market economy in Turkey starting from 1980, restrictions on foreign capital flows began to be abolished. Within the scope of international expansion in financial aspects, steps for integration with global financial markets were taken, and regulations were made. Accordingly, the number of foreign banks in Turkish banking system have increased since 1980, and reached an important scale in the sector. The share of foreign deposit banks’ total assets in the entire banking sector is at 22,8% level as of 2019. In this study, panel data analysis was performed to identify the factors affecting the Turkish currency assets of foreign deposit banks. The 11-year data for the 2009-2019 period were utilized in the study. Turkish Currency Assets / Total Assets was determined as the dependent variable in the analysis. The factors affecting the Turkish currency assets of foreign deposit banks were identified as Turkish Currency Liability / Total Liability [TPYUK], Turkish Currency Deposits / Total Deposits [TPMEV], and Turkish Currency Loans / Total Loans [TPKREDI]. Based on the study results the model formed was significant, and the ratio of independent variables for explaining the dependent variable in the model was approximately 48%. The independent variables TPYUK and TPKREDI were revealed to have a statistically significant positive effect on the dependent variable at 5% significance level. A 1-unit raise in TPYUK increased the dependent variable by 0,436 unit, and a 1-unit raise in TPKREDI by 0,033 unit. No statistically significant effect of TPMEV as the other independent variable was identified on the dependent variable.