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PKM MENDORONG PENGELOLAAN DESTINASI WISATA KALI CIMARGA DESA SANGKANMANIK DI TENGAH PANDEMI COVID-19 Muhammad Saleh; Ismatullah Ismatullah; Deny Aditia; Muhamad Sanan; Veronika Joan Jasmine; Fifa Alifah
Indonesian Collaboration Journal of Community Services Vol. 1 No. 3 (2021): Indonesian Collaboration Journal of Community Services
Publisher : Yayasan Education and Social Center

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This is a village on the border withaimshe village of lewi damar or can be called the end of cimarga lebak-banten sub-district, the problem is still low management about the tourism sector, especially the management of cimarga times located in sangkanmanik.   The tourism sector is one factor that plays a vital role in Indonesia's economic growth and has the second largest foreign exchange contribution in Indonesia after foreign exchange from palm oil exports. Circular issued by the government on March 18, 2020, all activities at home and outdoors in all sectors related to tourism and creative economy were temporarily postponed to reduce the spread of corona. Likewise, the natural tourism sector in Lebak Banten Regency, paralyzed for a while because there are no visitors who come to both local and foreign tourists, thus affecting the local community's income and the Lebak Regency area. The purpose of this community service is to encourage the management of cimarga tourism in the management of tourism in Lebak Regency in the Covid-19 Pandemic and encourage policies that must be prepared by the Government of Lebak Banten Regency so that it can be used as a guideline for stakeholders in the world of tourism in Lebak Banten Regency to jointly realize tourism recovery and be able to bring in large numbers of tourists in the Covid 19 pandemic
PERAN CAR, BOPO DAN NPL TERHADAP ROA PADA INDUSTRI PERBANKAN KONVENSIONAL Veronika Joan Jasmine; Andi Hasryningsih Asfar; Sabrawijaya Sabrawijaya
National Conference on Applied Business, Education, & Technology (NCABET) Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): The 2nd National Conference on Applied Business, Education & Technology (NCABET
Publisher : Universitas Bina Bangsa

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The purpose of this study is to determine the involvement between Capital Adequacy Ratio, Operating Expenses of Operational Income and Non Performing Loans to Return On Assets The research method used is a quantitative descriptive method, a population of 42 conventional banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2018-2021 period, sampling techniques using purposive sampling so that a sample of 8 companies was obtained. The results of hypothesis testing, the t-test of the CAR calculated tcount < ttable (-0.767 < 2.045) with a significant level (0.449 > 0.05), meaning that there is partially no affect between CAR and ROA. Meanwhile, BOPO has a calculated value of tcount > ttable (-9,683 > -2,045) with a significant level (0.000 < 0.05), it means that the BOPO partially affect the ROA. Then NPL has a calculated value tcount < ttable calculation (1,664 < 2,045) with a degree of significance (1,107 > 0.05) it means that partially NPL has no affect to ROA. For the F-test, it’s obtained that  fcount >   ftable (34,370 > 5.41), with a significance value of 0.000 < 0.05, it means that there is a significant effect between CAR, BOPO and NPL together on ROA.The conclusion is that partially CAR and NPL has no effect with ROA, BOPO partially has a negative effect with ROA, and simultaneously CAR, BOPO and NPL affect ROA