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Jurnal Interaktif Vol 3, No 2 (2010)
Publisher : Fakultas Ilmu Politik dan Ilmu Sosial, Universitas Brawijaya

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Doing self adaptation is not easy. It needs (a) long process. The self adaptation to the society cannot be separated from the interaction and communication process, within this research was called as interpersonal communication. Adaptation is not only needed by a person who has a normal sensory. But it is also needed by someone that has incomplete sensory capability, (such) as double disability mute and deaf.The theme of interpersonal communication of double sensory disability deaf and mute adaptation to the social environment was taken because the context of the double sensory disability people must do activities (like) normal people. It makes researcher want to know more about the daily living of those people who have sensory ability limitation. This research is interesting because the sources are people with double sensory disability. Besides, in this research the researcher is going to learn vocal non-verbal language and also symbolic language that has been used in their daily life.The type of research that will be used in this research is qualitative and using symbolic interaction as the approaches. For the first time, symbolic interaction was introduced by Herbert Blumer in 1962. Herbert Blumer said that words of symbolic interaction refered to the typical character from interaction that happen between human. The typicality especially in a fact that human interpret or define action between one another and not suddenly react without a reason or reciprocal. So, human interaction is mediated by the usage of symbols, by interpretation or defining meaning of others actions.     Based on the result of the research and the explanation also based on the matter point, this research could be concluded that double sensory disability people of deaf and mute, do activities as the people with no sensory disability. They can socialize with the society and have strong will to be success. The interaction and also interpersonal communication that being done help them to built their self concept. The most influential factor on their self adaptation is experience. Bad experience can cause bad personality and it could be happen at the opposite.Key words:  Symbolic interaction, interaction, interpersonal communication.
Kajian Communibiology dalam Komunikasi Keluarga untuk Mendukung Perawatan Penderita Gagal Ginjal Kronis Putra Fajar, Dewanto; Illahi, Azizun Kurnia
Jurnal Komunikasi Nusantara Vol 3 No 1 (2021)
Publisher : Unitri Press

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Chronic kidney failure is a degenerative disease that causes the sufferer to experience not only physiological and psychological disorders but also social problems. Interestingly, the social problems experienced by sufferers of chronic kidney failure are likely to increase the physiological and psychological disorders of the sufferer. Therefore, communication to build support for people with chronic kidney failure has a big role to play in increasing self-confidence in people with chronic kidney failure, which indirectly reduces the appearance of physiological and psychological disorders in sufferers of chronic kidney failure. This study seeks to comprehensively describe the aspects of communibiology in the communication process to provide moral support to sufferers of chronic kidney failure. This research is qualitative research using a case study methodological approach and literature review. The literature review is used to provide a detailed explanation of the communibiological processes in individuals and is used to strengthen the researchers' analysis of the observed phenomena. This study provides a big picture that communibiology processes play an important role in the communication processes carried out by families with chronic kidney failure to provide moral support to sufferers, as well as by people with chronic kidney failure to families who provide support, and when sufferers build trust. themselves when facing their social environment. Researchers concluded that moral and spiritual support through family communication has a positive role for chronic kidney failure sufferers to continue treatment and build self-confidence in their social environment. Keywords: family communication; interpersonal communication; communibiology; chronic kidney failure
Strategi Branding Air Minum Dalam Kemasan Q-Jami' Produksi CV Masjid Agung Jami Malang Utami, Ima Hidayati; Illahi, Azizun Kurnia
Akutansi Bisnis & Manajemen ( ABM ) Vol 23 No 1 (2016): April
Publisher : STIE Malangkucecwara

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This study aims to describe the branding strategy emploied by packaged drinking water Q-Jami producer to make its brand widely known by the public and able to compete with similar products on the market. Employing a qualitative descriptive approach, the data is collected from primary and secondary data sources. The primary data was collected through interviews with 4 informants who were selected purposively and observations conducted on the site research, while the secondary data is taken from references, journals, and related documents. The informants consists of: the director of CV Masjid Agung Jami', the head of maintenance, and two employees. The findings reveal that: Firstly, before the brand name was released to the public, producer used four phases of strategic branding, namely: selecting unique brand name, selecting unique product feature, building brand personality characteristic, and creating distinctive visual identity. Secondly, producer run 6 steps of branding process to make the product widely known and competitive in the market, they are : designing appropriate logo, designing a good logo, using the word of mouth as a marketing tool, creating a messages that encourages cosumers to spread them, rewarding loyal distributors, and consistent with logo and design. Thirdly, brand name and brand personality built based on the issue of healthy as well as consuers religious norms values have fulfilled consumers particular emotional needs made them believe and loyal to the product rapidly.