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Cane-Scale Queuing System Modelling at PG Pandjie Situbondo Purwaningsih, Isti; Effendi, Usman; Rizqi, Muhammad
Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian Vol 11, No 1 (2010)
Publisher : Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian Universitas Brawijaya

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Research was aimed to develop the cane-scale queuing system at PG Pandjie, Situbondo, and to find good solution to fix the waiting line problem.  Based on this research the queuing model that used in cane scale is (M/M/1):( FIFO/∞/∞) with arrival rate (λ) 84 truck/hour, service rate (µ) 39 truck/hour, and average waiting time in the system is 7 hours and 3 minutes. To improve this system performance, there are 3 alternative, first alternative is to decrease the service time.  Therefore, the service rate will increase to 45 trucks per hour. This alternative will decrease average waiting time in the system to 5 hours 45 minutes. Second alternative is to add a service facility. This alternative will decrease average waiting time to 47 minutes. Third alternative is combining the first alternative and second alternative. Average waiting time in the system decreases until 11 minutes if this alternative is implemented. Based on utility factor and probability, costumer must wait.  The best alternative to solve the waiting line problem in cane scale station is third alternative.  This is due to this alternative has utility factor that equal than 1 and the probability for costumer to wait is smaller than the other alternative.Keywords: cane-scale station queuing system, modelling, utility factor
ScienceEdu: Jurnal Pendidikan IPA Vol 3 No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Program Studi Pendidikan IPA FKIP Universitas Jember

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This study aims to determine how much the level of student care for the cleanliness of the school environment. This research is a descriptive variable research in which the type of research carried out is observation and survey research to find out the level of concern of students towards the cleanliness of the school environment. Data collection using Google Form by giving questionnaire questions to students of An-Nur Rambipuji Islamic Middle School class IX and class X MA An-Nur Rambipuji in Rambigundam Village, Rambipuji District, Jember Regency, the data collected so far are 75 respondents with 35 junior respondents and 40 MA respondents. Limited respondents because not all students can have a Handphone to be able to access the Questionnaire. Observation results are divided into two clusters namely SMP and MA Clusters. The SMP and MA clusters have not so significant differences, namely 33% of SMP students and 27% of MA students in terms of concern for the cleanliness of the school environment, the level of concern for the cleanliness of the SMP cluster school environment is lower than the MA cluster which is 33%. Overall, from all clusters the level of concern for the cleanliness of the school environment was in the unfavorable category because 29% of junior and senior high school students had a low level of concern for environmental cleanliness.
Women Group Empowerment in Utilizing Pineapple Skin Waste became Shampoo in Beluk, Pemalang, Central Java Rina Yuniarti; Ayu Munti Nilamsari; Astrid Noviana; Muhammad Rizqi; Kisnun Baani; Diana Nur Afifah
Agrokreatif: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Vol. 5 No. 3 (2019): Agrokreatif Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat
Publisher : Institut Pertanian Bogor

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Pineapple is one of the tropical fruits that grows a lot in Indonesia, Beluk Village, Belik District, Pemalang Regency is one of the large pineapple producers. At present there are various processed products from pineapple. However, there is a side product of pineapple skin waste from the processing of pineapple which has not been processed properly. Research on the content and benefits has been carried out in the laboratory, but the results have not been well socialized. Pineapple contains bromelin enzymes including the skin. The bromelin enzyme is a proteolytic enzyme that is antimicrobial, so it can be used as dandruff shampoo. Therefore, transfer of knowledge to reduce pineapple skin waste is very necessary.This study prioritizes participatory functions of women group (PKK). The main purpose of this study is transfer of knowledge to reduce pineapple skin waste by providing training to PKK group in utilizing pineapple skin waste as shampoo. Meanwhile, PKK group can earning extra income from shamppo produced from pineapple skin waste.The social engineering approach is used in this study, a combination of a social or community development approach with a simple method of processing pineapple skin waste. A social approach is needed to increase public awareness to utilize pineapple skin waste. The technical approach is used for laboratory-scale study on pineapple skin. Meanwhile, it also simplifies the processing of pineapple skin waste into shampoo so that it can be widely adopted by the community. Keywords: pineapple skin waste, community empowerment, shampoo of pineapple skin
Students' Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability in terms of Learning Styles and Gender in Problem Based Learning Rizqi, Muhammad; Suyitno, Hardi; Dwijanto, Dwijanto
Unnes Journal of Mathematics Education Research Vol 10 No 1 (2021): June 2021
Publisher : Universitas Negeri Semarang

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This researchaims to describe students' mathematical creative thinking abilities in terms of learning styles and gender.The method used is descriptive qualitative, data collection techniques in this study were carried out through direct activities at school. Data collection was carried out by means of tests of mathematical creative thinking skills, learning style questionnaires, interviews and documentation.The results of the research are (1) students 'mathematical creative thinking abilities in terms of visual and gender learning styles are more likely to fulfill authenticity and detail indicators, but what is unique is that only one subject can fulfill fluency and flexibility indicators, (2) students' mathematical creative thinking abilities in terms of style. Auditory learning and gender are more likely to meet the indicators of authenticity and detail, however, what is unique is that only one subject cannot meet the indicators of flexibility and fluency, and (3) students' mathematical creative thinking abilities in terms of kinesthetic learning styles and gender, there are only two students who tend to fulfill indicators of fluency, flexibility and detail and two students meet indicators of fluency and detail because they are able to solve problems in a very detailed and systematic manner,while the other two students only meet the authenticity indicator
The Effect of Service Quality on Gojek Online Customer Satisfaction Rizqi, Muhammad; Syafarudin, Afriapollo
Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting Vol 2 No 2 (2021): April 2021
Publisher : Yayasan Ilomata

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Good service quality can be a competitive advantage for service companies. Quality of service is also the key to success. Whether or not the quality of service for goods or services depends on the ability of producers to consistently meet consumer expectations. Service quality is said to be satisfactory if the service felt is the same or exceeds the expected service quality. Services like this are perceived as quality and satisfying services. These consumer expectations are reflected in good service, warm hospitality, courtesy, punctuality, and speed which are important values ​​expected by consumers. Satisfied consumers will indirectly encourage word-of-mouth recommendations, and can even improve the company's image in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, service quality must be the main focus of company attention because it can create customer satisfaction. This study aims at the influence of service quality on customer satisfaction. Respondents of this study used 100 research samples on Gojek brothers, the tools used in this study were using the PLS (Partial Least Square) analysis method. The results of the analysis of this study are the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction
Membangun Startup ARSpira Sebuah Platform E-Counseling Berbasis Website Untuk Pelajar SMA Junaedi, Novan; Hidayat, Fajar Mukti; Rizqi, Muhammad; Agung, I. Wiseto P.
Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Bisnis Vol. 12 No. 2a (2021): Vol. 12 No. 2a Special Issue (2021)
Publisher : STMIK Dharmapala Riau

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Startup merupakan sebuah institusi manusia yang didesain untuk membuat sebuah produk baru atau jasa dibawah kondisi ketidakpastian yang ekstrim. Peluang usaha startup di era digital seperti sekarang ini sangatlah besar apalagi dengan kondisi pandemi yang sangatlah membatasi ruang gerak hampir seluruh manusia di muka bumi yang mengakibatkan kejenuhan dan juga berbagai masalah lainnya termasuk kesehatan mental siswa-siswi SMA yang mau tidak mau harus bersekolah dari rumah dan akses untuk melakukan bimbingan konseling dengan guru BK menjadi sangat sulit. Oleh karena itu sebuah terobosan diambil oleh perusahaan startup baru yang bergerak dibidang E-Counseling bernama ARSpira untuk memberikan solusi bagi permasalahan tersebut.