Ratno Wijaya
Departemen Teknik Metalurgi dan Material, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Indonesia; Jalan Kampus UI, Kukusan, Kecamatan Beji, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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Studi Literatur Potensi Pemanfaatan Terak Nikel (Slag Nikel) sebagai Agregat pada Mortar dan Beton Ratno Wijaya; Sotya Astutiningsih
Bentang : Jurnal Teoritis dan Terapan Bidang Rekayasa Sipil Vol 9 No 2 (2021): BENTANG Jurnal Teoritis dan Terapan Bidang Rekayasa Sipil (Juli 2021)
Publisher : Universitas Islam 45

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The increasing of infrastructure development has an impact on increasing demand for construction materials. Generally, construction materials come from nature and still being exploited, which could lead to environmental degradation. Visually, nickel slag resembles gravel and sand which can be used as an alternative material. Therefore, this literature study aims to determine the characteristics and potential utilization of nickel slag gathered from Indonesian lateritic nickel ore and its application as an aggregate in mortar and concrete. The method used in this study is a review of several literatures from a reputable digital publication database with the keywords "terak nikel" and "nickel slag". In addition, several criteria are also used as filters in order to get the more focused literatures. Although the fluctuations in its mechanical properties was reported, it can still be overcome by using slag nickel slag as coarse and fine aggregate simultaneously. The results also show that nickel slag can be used as fine or coarse aggregate in concrete up to 100% content as well and as fine aggregate in asphalt application mortars up to 50% content.