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Telematika Vol 11, No 1 (2014): Edisi Juli 2014
Publisher : Jurusan Teknik Informatika

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PT. XYZ is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures both pharmaceuticals and herbal medicinal chemistry. The drug is a vital necessity to society, therefore, the drug production process must be maintained so that its performance can be met drug availability. One way to maintain smooth production process is to maintain engine performance. An engine production facility that is vital and requires periodic maintenance or at any time in case of damage. Each performed maintenance or repairs due to damage, an engine needs replacement parts for the machine to run as before. To support the maintenance activities, PT. XYZ has a warehouse used to store spare parts. During this time, parts storage system in PT. XYZ is not based on consideration of the appropriate classification of its characteristics, but each part has different characteristics, both in terms of price, suppliers, materials, usage, and so on. Due to the large number of stocks and the importance of spare parts, the supply system must be considered in order not to cause any harm to the company. The present study will attempt to analyze the system parts inventory in the warehouse by using MUSIC-3D View of Spares. MUSIC-3D View of spares in the analysis using a 3-dimensional approach that values consumption, availability and critically. The third dimension is represented by the three approaches, namely System ABC, VED, and SDE. Based on the results of the analysis of MUSIC-3D Views of Spares in mind that parts each having a different classification, so it requires a different treatment according to their classification. Keywords : spare parts, supplies, MUSIC-3D View of Spares
Application of Discrete-Event Simulation in Health Care : A Preliminary Studies Berlianty, Intan; Astanti, Yuli Dwi; Soejanto, Irwan
SENATIK STT Adisutjipto Vol 5 (2019): Peran Teknologi untuk Revitalisasi Bandara dan Transportasi Udara [ISBN XXX-XXX-XXXXX-
Publisher : Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Adisutjipto

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Simulation is one of the tools to solve the problems in a system, including hospital systems. The hospital has objectives and entities that are different from other systems, namely service to patients (humans) primarily, so making some decisions requires consideration due to the complexity of the variables within them. This preliminary study will discuss what problems might occur in the hospital and how the application of the simulation in solving the problem. Based on observations and interviews conducted, it is known that there are four issues: 1.) hospital services 2.) labor allocation (nurses) 3.) capacity and number of rooms/beds 4.) drug supply. Based on the literature search results, it is known that the simulation has the ability to solve these problems. The results of this literature review will then be used as a basis for developing simulation models in hospitals which are the object of research.
Efisiensi Material Handling (Forklift) Guna Meminimasi Biaya Sewa Menggunakan Simulasi Yuli Dwi Astanti; Puryani Puryani; Vertha Fuji Rizky Syafriani
Tekinfo: Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Industri dan Informasi Vol 5 No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Program Studi Teknik Industri Universitas Setia Budi

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PT. Heinz ABC Indonesia merupakan perusahaan yang sudah cukup dikenal di Indonesia dalam memproduksi makanan. Salah satu produknya yaitu kecap ABC. Proses produksi kecap dilakukan di atas lantai pabrik seluas 28.230 m2 yang memiliki jarak cukup jauh dari departemen satu ke departemen lainnya. Oleh karena itu, proses pemindahan material dibantu dengan material handling berupa forklift. Selama ini perusahaan memiliki tujuh forklift yang disewa dari pihak ketiga. Permasalahan yang terjadi adalah perusahaan merasa jumlah forklift yang disewa tidak efisien karena adanya waktu menganggur pada forklift dan mengakibatkan pemborosan pada biaya penyewaan forklift. Penelitian ini berusaha mengetahui jumlah forklift yang lebih efisien dengan cara mensimulasikan perpindahan material yang diangkut oleh forklift. Berdasarkan hasil simulasi yang dilakukan, dengan menggunakan 7 forklif perusahaan telah menggunakan utilitas forklift sebesar 82,01%. Dengan menggunakan pendekatan analisa “what-if” dalam simulasi, penelitian ini mencoba mengimplementasikan beberapa skenario usulan. Skenario dibuat dengan mengatur ulang rute perpindahan forklift. Hasil dari penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa kebijakan skenario 3 merupakan usulan terbaik dengan jumlah forklift yang optimal adalah 6 forklift dengan utilitas sebesar 88,15%. Berdasarkan hasil simulasi PT. Heinz ABC Indonesia dapat menghemat biaya sewa forklift sebesar RP 9.750.000,-/ bulan. Kata kunci: material handling, simulasi, efisiensi biaya
Multi-item inventory policy with time-dependent pricing and rework cost Nafisah, Laila; Maharani, Nabilla Clara Devi; Astanti, Yuli Dwi; Khannan, Muhammad Shodiq Abdul
International Journal of Industrial Optimization Vol 2, No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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The price of broiler chickens at the consumer level varies daily. The price can be very low or otherwise. The price has resulted from the imbalance between the availability of chicken from suppliers and the market demand. As a result, demand will also fluctuate because it is influenced by consumer purchasing power. When the price of live chickens is low, the carcass company will usually buy in large quantities and expect to sell them at a higher price. The problem arises when the chicken overstock company will risk product damage due to product buildup in the refrigerated warehouse, so rework is necessary. In this paper, we will be developed a multi-item inventory model that considers material prices that vary to time, probabilistic demand, and rework costs. The aim is to determine the right policy for controlling frozen chicken products' inventory to minimize losses and total inventory costs.  This model can evaluate the best time to order broiler chickens, how much to order, how long the interval between orders, and the optimal number of orders, resulting in minimum total inventory cost per period.  The model solution is carried out with an optimization approach based on the parameters that affect the model. A numerical example is given at the end of this paper for model validation and illustrates the model solving algorithm.
Simulasi Alur Pelayanan Rawat Jalan (Poliklinik) di Rumah Sakit Menggunakan Software ProModel Yuli Dwi Astanti; Irwan Soejanto; Intan Berlianty
OPSI Vol 13, No 1 (2020): ISSN 1693-2102
Publisher : Jurusan Teknik Industri Fakultas Teknologi Industri UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta

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Hospital is a community service center that has a vital role. Hospital activities related to human life make the hospital as a system that must provide excellent service for visitors (patients). In fact the excellent service is not easy to do because of the many components involved in the system. Components or variables in the system are prbabilistik or uncertain. To maintain the quality of hospital services, an action is needed to evaluate, analyze and improve the system, especially the service system for patients. Simulation is one of the tools that can be used to evaluate, analyze and test changes to the system to get better results. In this study, simulation will be carried out on the outpatient or polyclinic service system in RSUX using simulations with the help of software promodel. From the simulation results it is known that the simulation model is valid and can be used to evaluate the system. In this study, a trial was conducted to change the number of servers in the pricing section to obtain a smaller idle process.