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Meldi T.M. Sinolungan, Meldi T.M.
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UJI TIGA JENIS PUPUK KANDANG TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN PRODUKSI BAWANG MERAH (Allium cepa, L.) Pajow, Ester N.; Purbopuspito, Joko; Sinolungan, Meldi T.M.
COCOS Vol 1, No 5 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Sam Ratulangi

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Abstract Shallots are an important vegetable commodity in North Sulawesi with a high market demand.  This research tested the type of manures for the growth and production of shallot plants using a field experiment at the BPTP SULUT Experimental Field and soil testing at the Soil Fertility Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, UNSRAT.  The field experiment used four types of manure treatments in six replications, so that 24 experimental beds were obtained.  From this study, the best type of manure for plant growth, increasing the number of leaves and the number of tillers, and for the production of fresh shallots is obtained by dose of a 40 tons of chicken manure /ha or a 40 tons of cow manure /ha in contrast to a 40 tons of pig manure /ha or a control without manure, which is gained from soil fertility conditions with 1.62-1.70% C-organic; soil pH 6.60-6.64; 0,137-0,148% soil N-total land; 18.28-21.05 ppm soil P-available; and 20.44-23.54 ppm soil Kavailable.  Keywords :  chicken manure, cow manure, shallots.
COCOS Vol 1, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : Universitas Sam Ratulangi

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Tondano River is the outlet of Lake Tondano hold the important role for the community in the province of North Sulawesi. With the population growth, increasing the need of society to the river, so there are many problems, such as sedimentation. Sedimentation processes occur accompanied with the rise in erosion so there is more erosion discharge waste in the form of sediment contained in estuaries Tondano. The problem now is how the sediment which was originally a waste can be harnessed into something useful, which is used as a planting medium. This study aims to look at the response of composting hyacinth sediment Tondano Watershed indicators corn crop. Randomized Block Design, where as a control S0, S1 compost treated with 10 tons / ha, S2 compost treatment with 20 tons / ha, S3 compost treated with 30 tons / ha. This research was conducted in three groups in order to obtain 12 pot experiment. The observed variables plant height every week, every week the number of leaves, dry weight of plants after harvest. The results showed that giving the water hyacinth compost on Tondano River Sediments influenced on corn growth. The provision of water hyacinth compost with different doses affected the plant height, the number of leaves and dry weight.  Keywords: sediment, water hyacinth, compost
SIFAT FISIK DAN KIMIA SEDIMEN PADA DANAU TONDANO Moningka, Vinny V.; Sinolungan, Meldi T.M.; Kaunang, Djoni; Kawulusan, Rafli
COCOS Vol 6, No 9 (2015)
Publisher : Universitas Sam Ratulangi

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Abstract Tondano Lake was an important natural resource in Minahasa Regency. There was an important problem, i.e.: lake shallowing through the process of sedimentation. Sediment was mud deposit containing materials through both chemical and biological processes. The purpose of this study was to identify the physical and chemical properties of sediments in Lake Tondano, especially in the eastern part (Eris) and the western part (Remboken). Purposive Sampling Method was in different depth of sampling (Eris 11 m; Remboken 7 m). Parameters observed were physical properties of soil was soil texture, and chemical properties of soil were total nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, C-organic, and pH . Results had showed that, soil physical was silty clay of texture. However, soil chemical were acidity of sediment was slightly acid, i.e. : pH=6.52 (Eris), pH= 6.58 (Remboken), C-organic, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Eris were higher than in Remboken; and  Potassium in Eris and Remboken were very low.  Keywords: physical properties, chemical properties, sediment, Tondano  Lake.
COCOS Vol 2, No 6 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Sam Ratulangi

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ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to identify Green Open Space (GOS) at Taman Mapanget Raya (TAMARA) Residence Area of Mapanget Sub-district, Manado City. The method was a qualitative descriptive study, by using data in the forms of words, schemes and images. Result has found that, the Green Open Space (GOS) identification were based on: 1)Availability of GOS at TAMARA Residence of Mapanget Subdistrict, which was consisted of: GOS of Green Line (6,659 m2), GOS of City Garden (3,828 m2), GOS of Residences Yard (1,249 m2), GOS of People Estate (8,449 m2), GOS of City Forest (14,389 m2), and GOS of Agriculture (10,993 m2), has found in amount of 45,567 m2, or almost 4.6 Ha from the total land area of TAMARA Residence (509,303 m2, or 50.9 Ha). The percentage of Public GOS at TAMARA Residence was 8.9% from the total land area of this residence, whereas the percentage of this Public GOS was 0.09% from the GOS of Mapanget Sub-district, which showed that the Public GOS at this residence has not been fulfilled; 2)Land physical characteristics and kinds of plant at GOS location of TAMARA Residence were flat until slope gently in topography, parent material of alluvial, flood land plain, colluvium, sands, sandy rocks, and volcanic breccia, and some kinds of plants, were: Coconut, Banana, Corn, Sedge-grass, others; and 3)Soil chemical characteristics were consisted of: organic matter more than 2%, CEC in the medium category, the contents of K and P in criteria low to high, and pH in criteria of low (rather acid) to high (rather base). Keywords : Identification, Green Open Space, Residences Area
Pengaruh Mulsa Batang Jagung dan Strip Rumput terhadap Erosi Tanah pada Lahan Kering Daromes, Marsan S.B.; Mawara, Jody M.; Sinolungan, Meldi T.M.
COCOS Vol 7, No 7 (2021)
Publisher : COCOS

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ABSTRACTSoil conservation has a very important role in the prospect of land development to overcomethe problem of land degradation. This study aimed to determine the effects of corn stalk mulch andgrass strip toward soil erosion of dry land. Study about some research data from Nurdin (2012)entitled "Combination of Soil Conservation Techniques and Its Effect on Corn Yield and SoilErosion in Dry Land of Biyonga Sub-watershed, Gorontalo Regency", and Jaka (2017) entitled"Effect of the Treatments of Corn Stalk Mulch and Strip of Reinforced Terrace of Surface Runoff,Erosion and Farming Results" has been carried out on dry land farming of Keduang Sub-watershed, Bengawan Solo Watershed in Sendangsari Village, Batuwarno Sub-District, WonogiriRegency were then analyzed descriptively by the researcher. Results showed that BiyongaGorontalo Sub-watershed has an erosion value without treatment obtained from the calculations ofUSLE Method was 150.09 tons Ha-1year-1, whereas in Keduang Solo Sub-watershed the value ofsoil erosion on untreated soil was 12.77 tons Ha-1 year-1. The combination of given treatments wasthe provision of mulch and grass strips. The erosion category of both Biyonga and Keduang Sub-watersheds was classified as heavy, but with the application of vegetative soil conservationtechnology (mulch and grass strips) can reduce the level of land degradation even more and therate of erosion occurs.Keywords: mulch, grass strip, soil erosion, dry land