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Journal : Jurnal IMPACT: Implementation and Action

Pembuatan Peta Blok RT Desa Bingkulu Kecamatan Tambang Ulang Inayah, Nurul; Sobatnu, Ferry; Irawan, Faris Ade; Sari, Dewi Nur Indah
Jurnal IMPACT: Implementation and Action Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018)
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin

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ABSTRACT Geodetic science is practically making maps of the earth's surface. Bingkulu village currently has problems with the absence of a village map for village government officials and local residents. The absence of this village map made difficulties for village and community equipment to find out information on Neighborhood Association boundaries and land use in the Bingkulu Village area at Tambang Ulang District. To make a map of the Neighborhood Association boundaries, using survey method with a GPS handheld equipment and identifies the Neighborhood Association boundaries according to the direction from the village officials who is very familiar with the conditions in the field. Making Neighborhood Association boundary maps is done through digitizing in the QGIS application by displaying corrected satellite images. Through the QGIS application, digitization is carried out in accordance with the conditions in the research location, by paying attention to the appearance of the earth in the satellite image of Bingkulu Village. The objects digitized in this process are roads, Neighborhood Association boundaries, village boundaries, public facilities. Furthermore the interpretations did and the result is that land use in Bingkulu Village includes plantations, rice fields, and built land. The Plantations distributed in almost the Bingkulu region with two types of commodities, namely oil palm and rubber trees. In addition, land use in all Bingkulu region is dominated by oil palm plantations. So that oil palm trees are still the main commodity of plantations in Bingkulu Village. Keywords: survey, satellite image, boundary, village
Jurnal IMPACT: Implementation and Action Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020): Jurnal Impact
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin

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Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Bentok is located in Bentok Kampung village, Bati-Bati sub-district, Tanah Laut District. It is the sixth branch of Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Tahfizh located in Banjarmasin city. As the new branch, they are facing some problems. The high demand from parents about making their son and daughter tahfizh and tahfizhah, causes the new branch's lack of infrastructure. Because of that problem, the management of Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Bentok decides to build some new infrastructure. In order to build new infrastructure, they need Detailed Engineering Design (DED). One of the components of the DED document is Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Bentok topographic map. Through D-III Teknik Geodesi community service team, Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Bentok topographic map will available. It helps the management of Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Bentok to complete the DED document. The implementation of the topographic survey used the terrestrial survey method. The survey used instruments like Total Station and GPS receiver Handheld type. The topographic survey started by build a mapping network, survey all of the details in Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan Bentok and draw the map digitally. All the details include existing buildings, roads, Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan boundary, sewer, river, and contour. The result is a Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan topographic map with a scale of 1:3.500. Based on the topographic map, the Pondok Pesantren Al-Ihsan surface area is 113266.751 square meters or 11.33 hectares. The male dormitory area is 500 m2 and the female dormitory area is 650 m2.