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KETIKA PEREMPUAN LUPA (Etnografi Perempuan TQN, PP Suryalaya, Tasikmalaya-Jawa Barat) Yamin, Ade
MUWAZAH Vol 6 No 2: Desember 2014
Publisher : IAIN Pekalongan

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This ethnographic study shows that, the conception of gender equality is interpreted by Suryalaya TQN community is a result of discrimination on gender in the form of male domination of women. This happens because, for dogmatic reasons and traditions, or precisely because women have been shown to surrender to what happened so long in the community. Therefore, efforts need to begin to affect the habits that put the subordination of women as men, through lectures, explanations to the provision of community models TQN Suryalaya in looking at the presence of womenStudi etnografi ini menunjukkan bahwa, konsepsi kesetaraan gender ditafsirkan oleh masyarakat Suryalaya TQN adalah hasil dari diskriminasi gender dalam bentuk dominasi laki-laki perempuan. Hal ini terjadi karena, untuk alasan dogmatis dan tradisi, atau justru karena perempuan telah terbukti untuk menyerah kepada apa yang terjadi begitu lama di masyarakat. Oleh karena itu, upaya harus mulai mempengaruhi kebiasaan yang menempatkan perempuan sebagai subordinasi laki-laki, melalui ceramah, penjelasan untuk penyediaan model masyarakat TQN Suryalaya dalam melihat kehadiran perempuan.
The Existence of Google Classroom in Online Speaking Skills Learning by Papuan EFL Students at the University Level Rahmawansyah Sahib; Ade Yamin; Tegar Aulia; Kurnia Putri Ayu
AL-ISHLAH: Jurnal Pendidikan Vol 14, No 3 (2022): ISSUE IN PRESS
Publisher : STAI Hubbulwathan Duri

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This study will offer and fill the gap of prior research in the context of acquiring speaking skills using Google Classroom as a Learning Management System by EFL students in Papua during Covid-19. This study aimed to explore the processes and students' strategies to face online learning speaking skills using Google Classroom during the covid-19 pandemic. This study applied a qualitative descriptive design involving participants from students of Tadris English who took speaking subjects through Google Classroom. Furthermore, data were collected through offline interviews and online observations. Then, analyzed qualitatively based on the theory of John W Creswell. The results showed that the process of acquiring speaking abilities using Google Classroom proves to be  difficult for students who want to improve their English speaking skills. Because they have recently introduced Google Classroom in the learning process and learning is taking place for the first time in a fully online learning setting. As a result, students are more inclined to prioritize studying Google Classroom above mastering English competency itself. More research is needed to investigate Google Classroom from the lecturer's point of view in the context of teaching English in Papua in order to provide more full references and information about the usage of Google Classroom in English classrooms in Papua.