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Journal : FENOMENA

Motivasi Mahasiswa dalam Memilih Prodi PBA Jurusan Tarbiyah STAIN Samarinda Abusyairi, Khairy
Publisher : LP2M IAIN Samarinda

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A quality of education can be achieved by implementing a quality learning. To improve its quality, STAIN Samarinda plans and evaluate its educational programs periodically to become an excellent distinguished higher institution in Kalimantan Timur. It is important to encourage the candidate of college students to choose STAIN Samarinda as their options to continue the study. This motivation deals with the prosperity of work, recommendation or suggestions of family and friends, perception of Arabic language program, appropriateness of interest and talents, ambitions, willingness, teachers’ qualifications, and sufficient information about the study program. This is a descriptive qualitative research design. The data were collected by using interview and documentation. The result of findings shows the students’ motivation in choosing the Arabic study program of STAIN Samarinda is to learn Arabic entuastically, fit to their ambitions, and linier to their former educational background.
Standarisasi Dan Tipologi Pondok Pesantren Di Kota Samarinda Khojir, Khojir; Abusyairi, Khairy
Publisher : LP2M IAIN Samarinda

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This study belongs to qualitative study focusing on the standardization and typology of boarding schools. The technique of collecting the data used interview, observation, and documentation. The data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative covering data display, data reduction, and conclusion drawing. The research finding shows that boarding schools that meet implementation standard are Sabilal-Rasyad, Nabil Husin, al-Husna, Syaichona Cholil, Al-Istiqomah, Al-Rahmah, Asa’diyah, and al-Mujahidin. Meanwhile, the boarding schools that have not met yet the implementation standard are Al-Muna, Najwatul Ula, Hidayatul Mubtadiin, Al-Ittihad, and As-Suniyah. The category of type A covers the boarding schools of Nurul Iman, Al-Aziziyah, and Ar-Rahmah. The category of type B includes the boarding schools of Sabilal Rasyad, Darul Ihsan, MIC Technology, Syaikhona Cholil, Asa’diyah, Ihya’ Ulumuddin, and An-Nur. There is no boarding school in the city of Samarinda that includes in the category of type C. This research implies that the boarding schools that have not met the implementation standard should intensify the management.