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Kriteria Diagnosis Kanker Paru Primer Berdasarkan Gambaran Morfologi pada CT Scan Toraks Dibandingkan dengan Sitologi Icksan, Aziza; -, Faisal; -, Elisna; Astowo, Pudjo; Hidayat, Heriawaty; Prihartono, Joedo
Indonesian Journal of Cancer Vol 2, No 1 (2008): Jan - Mar 2008
Publisher : "Dharmais" Cancer Center Hospital

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Menetapkan komponen gambaran morfologi kanker paru primer pada CT scan toraks yang dapat dipakai sebagai kriteria diagnosis. Penelitian ini menggunakan desain cross sectional. Dalam kurun waktu Desember 2006 - Mei 2007 di RS. Persahabatan Jakarta dilakukan pemeriksaan CT scan toraks terhadap 28 pasien dengan gambaran klinis diduga kanker paru primer. DinilailO gambaran morfologi kanker paru pada CT scan toraks, setiap gambaran morfologi kanker dibandingkan dengan hasil sitologi CT guided TTNA sebagai baku emas. Terdapat 7 komponen morfologi kanker paru primer pada CT scan toraks yang mempunyai sensitivitas yang tinggi dalam diagnosis yaitu: ukuran tumor > 3 cm sensitivitas 95,7%, penyangatan s24 HU sensitivitas 82,6%, tepi irregular-spiculated sensitivitas 78,3%, lobulated sensitivitas 73,9%, air bronchograms sensitivitas 69,6%, ground glass opacity sensitivitas 65,2 % dan densitas heterogen sensitivitas 65,2%.Komponen morfologi ukuran tumor > 3 cm, penyangatan ¿24 HU, tepi irregular spiculated, lobulated, air bronchograms, ground glass opacity dan densitas heterogen mempunyai sensitivitas yang tinggi serta dapat dipakai sebagai kriteria diagnosis kanker paru primer pada CT scan toraks.Kata kunci: morfologi, kanker paru primer, CT scan toraks
Gambaran Computed Tomografi Scan Toraks Teratoma Kistik Paru NURBAETI, DETI; ICKSAN, AZIZA G; HIDAYAT, HERIAWATY
Indonesian Journal of Cancer Vol 8, No 2 (2014): April-Juni 2014
Publisher : "Dharmais" Cancer Center Hospital

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Pulmonary cystic teratoma is a very rare disease, composed of tissues from more than one germ cell line. Pulmonary cystic teratoma commonly involve the upper lobe of the left lung, most follow a benign course and are incidental findings during routine chest X-rays. Proper diagnosis is needed to determine adequate treatment in order to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. We report a twenty six years old man with clinical symptom hemoptysis, chest pain and dyspnea since one month before admission. The chest X-ray showed a large opacity of the entire right hemithorax, there is no calcification. On enhanced chest CT examination, we found an encapsulated cystic mass on the upper and middle of the right lung with peripheral enhancement. Histopathological examination confirmed an infected cyst with cystic teratoma. The main purpose of this report is to emphasize the importance of enhanced chest CT in evaluating patient suspected pulmonary cystic teratoma.