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Faktor-Faktor yang Memperngaruhi Kinerja Akademik Mahasiswa : Analisis Structural Equation Model Fransiskus Janu Hamu; Donatus Wea; Nerita Setiyaningtiyas
Jurnal Paedagogy Vol 10, No 1: Jurnal Paedagogy (January 2023)
Publisher : Universitas Pendidikan Mandalika

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This study aims to determine and explore the factors influencing student academic performance at St. Yakobus Merauke. This study used a quantitative approach with a probability sampling method to obtain information and data from respondents. Primary data was collected from 149 students, and data analysis techniques used structural equation model (SEM) analysis with AMOS 26.00 software. The results of this study indicated that the factors of social responsibility, student-teacher relationships, and student satisfaction had a significant effect on student academic performance. In addition, some elements must be considered, namely the ability of soft skills. This ability is related to the ability to cooperate with other people, interact with lecturers, build better communication relationships, and create a conducive and positive classroom climate which plays an important role in making the teaching and learning process more effective and efficient.
Gerakan Solidaritas Pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19 Sebagai Wujud Wajah Sosial Gereja Fransiskus Xaverius Sugiyana; Nerita Setiyaningtiyas
Jurnal Ledalero Vol 21, No 2 (2022): Jurnal Ledalero
Publisher : Institut Filsafat dan Teknologi Kreatif Ledalero

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Abstract: This research was a descriptive qualitative study based on the pastoral work of the data-driven concerning Church experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Departing from various solidarity initiatives, this study showed that the efficiency and effectiveness of pastoral work began with a social analysis of the problems. The mapped problems brought an insight on how pastoral plan should be done. The hope is that the arranged programs can have measurable results and real impact. The first focus of this research was the pattern of solidarity movements. The second focus is the face of the Church that appears in the community and society.  Data collection employed descriptive qualitative methods. Data analysis used content analysis approach.  The first findings showed that parishioners of the kevikepan Semarang concerned with economic recovery and psychological assistance. The second finding showed that the solidarity movement revealed the social faced of the Church. In the missionary spirit, the Church showed sensitivity to social issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Church also appeared to have a spirit of compassion, care and a high willingness to share. The involving people with all backgrounds who were in solidarity movement was a sign of the presence of the Kingdom of God. The act of solidarity can really bring transformation for each person involved in it.Key words: Pastoral Theology; Capital Social; Altruism; Catholic Social Teaching; Semarang