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IbM of Small Medium Enterprise of Coconut Milk and Liquid Smoke from Coconut Shells Yusraini, Era; Halimatuddahliana; Gea, Saharman
Journal of Saintech Transfer Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Journal of Saintech Transfer
Publisher : Talenta Publisher

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Community service activities funded by BPPTN 2017 has been implemented with one of the partners, who was a small entrepreneur of coconut milk and liquid smoke from coconut shells, held from August to November 2017. Partnership of community service was Mr. Budi Darmanto, who has has his business for 9 years in Medan. The problems facing by the partner were: marketing of the coconut milk was still through the agent, resulting in the low selling price because the cost must be cut off for agent commission. In addition, liquid smoke product from coconut shells still contained impurity (Tar), classified as grade 3, causing the demand and its selling price became low. Solutions to the problems were 1) opening or enlarging the new commercial market for coconut milk, by assisting them in the handling of halal permits to the MUI of North Sumatra Province and made marketing advertisements through the website; 2) Providing a grant of liquid smoke distillation apparatus, making standard operational procedures (SOPs) to reduce impurities as well as increasing the grade of liquid smoke, to increase the selling price, and also analyzing the quality of distillated liquid smoke. The opening of commercial market of coconut milk and increasing grade of liquid smoke is expected to increase the partner?s income and expand his own business.
Karakteristik Zat Warna Antosianin (Adenanthera pavonina L) dari Kulit Biji Saga sebagai Pewarna Alami Menggunakan Metode Soxhletasi Halimatuddahliana; Setiaty Pandia; Fira Ayu Hasmita
Jurnal Teknik Kimia USU Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020): Jurnal Teknik Kimia USU
Publisher : Talenta Publisher (Universitas Sumatera Utara)

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In general, dyes that are used in daily life using synthetic dyes. One material that can be used for natural pigment are from saga seeds (Adenanthera pavonina L). Saga (Adenanthera pavonina L) is a tree that has small red seeds which is one source of anthocyanin which can be used as natural dyes, antioxidants and anticarcinogens. In this research aims to find the type of solvent and the best extraction time used for the extraction of anthocyanin from saga seeds. Extraction of anthocyanin  from saga seeds used soxhletation method. The variables this research there are the type of solvent (5% citric acid 5% and citric acid 5% (w/v)) and the extraction time (30, 60, 120 minutes). The parameters used are qualitative and quantitative analysis (total yield, total anthocyanin concentration, antioxidant activity, intensity colour and lethal concentration of anthocyanin toxicity in extracts). The result observationaling show that the extraction from saga seeds that have best characteristics in aquadest-citric acid 5% solvent extract yield with extraction time 120 minutes 64.448% (w/w), total anthocyanin with extractions time 120 minutes 100.026 (mg/L), color intensity with extraction time 60 minutes 0.528, antioxidant activity (IC50) 11.622 ppm and toxicity activity with extraction time 60 minutes 63.326 ppm.