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Journal : Studies in Learning and Teaching

Analysis of Online Community Services in Problem Solving Studying at Open University: A Case Study to Improving Problem-Solving Ability of PGSD Dwikoranto; Titik Setyowati; Suparti; Sulistyono; Widiasih
Studies in Learning and Teaching Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): April
Publisher : Indonesia Approach Education

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The purpose of this study is to analyze problems in online communities to help solve problems faced by Open University (OU) students in terms of topics discussed in online communities, problems that arise in online communities, the process of counseling guidance in online communities, improving student problem-solving skills after discussing in online communities. This research was conducted using a quantitative descriptive design. All Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) students who post on online community services, from January 2019 to December 2019 as research objects. Data were collected using the documentary method and a problem-solving ability test for students from the Bojonegoro study group. Data from the online community is described based on the proportions while the problem-solving ability with N-gain, sensitivity, and completeness. The results showed: (1) The topics discussed in the online community service were introductions, registration, tutoring/study, and grades/exams; (2) Problems that arise in online community services are registration, tutorials, grades, and exams; (3) The process of counseling guidance in online community services for student problems is karstic; (4) Students' problem-solving ability after discussing in online community services increases and is in high criteria.
Utilization Virtual Laboratory in Physics Learning: Bibliometric Analysis Dwikoranto; Widiasih
Studies in Learning and Teaching Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): April
Publisher : Indonesia Approach Education

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This research aims to find out the trend of the author's topics and keywords that are widely used related to Virtual Lab Physics to find out future research opportunities. The research method used is descriptive analysis method research through the bibliometric approach. The results of a Google Scholar database search found 463,000 articles for 2016-2021 with the keywords "Virtual Lab Physics". Meanwhile, based on the Scopus database, Scopus-indexed articles were obtained for 2003-2021. Search results are stored in the form of RIS and CSV will then be analyzed using the VOSviewer application and Ms. Excel to obtain a visualization in the form of a bibliometric map. The results of data analysis show that the keywords often used and related to the Virtual Physics Lab during 2016-2021 are Physics, Engineering, Science, Physics Education Research, and Interest Laboratories. Indonesian researchers in contributing internationally are still lacking, this research topic is dominated in China and the United States of America with the document types being mostly conference papers. So far, research related to the topic of Virtual Lab Physics is still quiet so it has the potential to be developed. In addition, there are recommendations for Virtual Lab Physics research that can be collaborated with one of the related keywords, namely Engineering as an opportunity for research topics to be developed.