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Journal : JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer)

Pemulihan Citra Berbasis Metode Markov Random Field Phie Chyan; N. Tri Saptadi
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer) Vol 9, No 2 (2022): April 2022
Publisher : STMIK Budi Darma

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Image processing and computer vision today are faced with increasing big data applications. Excessive collection of Image data sometimes can have bad quality due to errors at the time of acquisition or at the time of transmission,  so for that problem the method is needed to perform image restoration. Image restoration is a process to make improvements to the image with the aim of obtaining a clean image from noise like the original image. Among the methods that can be used in image restoration, Markov Random Field (MRF) based on a probabilistic representation of image processing problems, namely maximizing the probability size calculated starting from the input data for all candidate solutions can provide a faster sub-optimal solution for image restoration.  Based on the implementation this experiment conducted with the noisy test image, the MRF method was capable to improve the noisy image up to 96.75 percent close to the original image without noise
Desain Model Sistem Keamanan Berbasis Kamera Dengan Image Enhancement Algorithm Phie Chyan; Adi Chandra Syarif; Sean Coonery Sumarta; Fransiskus Eduardus Daromes
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer) Vol 5, No 4 (2018): Agustus 2018
Publisher : STMIK Budi Darma

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Security is a supporting factor in creating order and stability in the social environment. The issue of environmental security is related to efforts made to avoid and overcome criminal acts in society and now thanks to the advancement of information and communication technology, the function of safeguarding and controlling the environment can be supported by the help of technology to facilitate human work. The security system developed is supported by digital image processing software to process snapshot and recorded images from system cameras with the aim of improving the quality of visual images for the sake of analysis and digital forensic evidence that can be used in law enforcement related to criminal acts. The end result is a product innovation security system that can be utilized by the community in various needs related to security and supervision activities.