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LEKSEMA: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra Vol 2, No 2 (2017)
Publisher : FITK (Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty) - IAIN Surakarta

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: Students in higher education are ordered to be competent in English. This happens as the response of high requirement in using English for larger uses nowadays. Consequently, higher education nowadays provides English tutorial to prepare the students  to be competent English users, including mastering grammar. This research was conducted in order to discover students’ participation, grade, and score improvement as the aspects of applying consciousness towards English grammar.The research adopted mixed method approach. The researcher collected the data by observation, tests, and questionnaires. The participants were the students in English tutorial class from the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business and the Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training. The objective of this research are to monitor the students’ sincerity working on the learned lessons and to make senses their performance with the supports of their assessment records. The results showed various dynamics on the students’ existence being part in the lessons.High participation was done by the students along with various grades. All observed students showed positive self-correction and increasing score improvement with their heterogenous mechanisms.This research notices that the students have motivation to be mastered, but their experience and exposure on English grammar affect their assessment results. However, the data reveal that their efforts remain improved as reflected in their track records in the lessons.
LEKSEMA: Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra Vol 1, No 2 (2016)
Publisher : FITK (Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty) - IAIN Surakarta

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Literacy refers to a set of skills for being literate of texts existing in society. There are many kinds of information penetrated among us. Being literate is now not only just represented by reading and writing as we simply do every day orthographically. It remains on basic literacy. This one itself has been improved for considering economic development by adding arithmetic skill. Literacy, with those language competences, considers its contribution for society in this modern age. It is considered as resource to reflect quality of each person. This functional literacy takes us for being functionally beneficial for surrounding environment.  For dealing with the information around us which is massively spread, critical literacy should be optimized to make sense and take stance. In higher education context like university, scientific literacy is highly required to apply the subject for phenomena in the society. Along with types of literacy, how are their contributions on society? Being capable on multiple literacy levels is believed as the right way for familiarizing social phenomenon so that literate people have more chances to get possibilities for themselves up to strengthen citizen involvement for their nation as well. Literacy is finally constructed from optimizing each citizen on nation’s development.
Jurnal Dialog Vol 39 No 1 (2016): JURNAL DIALOG
Publisher : Sekretariat Badan Litbang dan Diklat Kementerian Agama RI

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Reading activity which is supported by the rich reading materials has shown its positive influence in the development of civilized society today. Besides being a part of religious orders, reading is an attempt to acquire and strengthen knowledge as well as to gain new experience. The reading content reflects the needs and objectives of the readers. Now, the relationship between the authors and the readers should met. The integrity of reading content is built by the organization of main ideas and supporting ideas, making it easier for readers to analyze patterns of structured, phased, and logical orders. The idea organization in a reading text stimulates the brain to evaluate and control over what it reads. Therefore, it needs what is known as metacognition in order to create the critical literacy for our community as the text readers. We certainly expect that reading is to construct our community to be more intelligent and insightful through the ideas presented, without getting slipped on undesirable mission of the authors.
Jurnal Dialog Vol 41 No 1 (2018): DIALOG
Publisher : Sekretariat Badan Litbang dan Diklat Kementerian Agama RI

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English Text analysis becomes one of many approaches to analyze the dynamics of mother tongue issues whose condition is relatively appalling. Mother tongue (language) is the earliest language acquired by a member of society starting from the cradle of family. Because of its proximity, mother language is close to local language. However, its popularity is less than Bahasa Indonesia and foreign languages. It is reflected on the related texts in media for International Mother Language Day (IMLD). This is descriptive qualitative type of research using criteria-based sampling along with content analysis technique to the related texts of IMLD in the daily printed national newspaper, Kompas. The researcher used Systemic Functional Linguistics to obtain interpersonal: transactional meanings through mood structure analysis from narration, reports, and quotations. Based on the analysis, the study investigated the attitudes presented by participants in the texts to their readers from analysis results of modalization and modulation. This research concluded that the texts were more dominated by language meanings with transaction on information rather than action. This affected on the modes of delivering messages informatively and the orientation of enriching the insights. Indonesia Analisis teks menjadi salah satu pendekatan untuk menemukan dinamika bahasa ibu yang kini dalam kondisi memprihatinkan. Bahasa ibu merupakan bahasa yang paling dekat dan awal diterima masyarakat mulai dari lingkup keluarga. Karena kedekatan itu, bahasa ibu erat kaitannya dengan bahasa daerah. Namun, kepopulerannya kalah dengan bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa asing. Kondisi ini tampak pada teks-teks di media terkait peringatan Hari Bahasa Ibu Internasional (HBII). Penelitian ini bersifat deskriptif kualitatif dengan tehnik cuplikan berkriteria serta dikaji dengan tehnik analisis isi terhadap teks-teks terkait HBII pada koran harian cetak nasional, Kompas. Peneliti menggunakan pendekatan Linguistik Sistemik Fungsional untuk memperoleh makna interpersonal: transaksional melalui analisis struktur mood pada narasi, pelaporan, dan kutipan. Dari analisis tersebut, dieksplorasi juga sikap yang dihadirkan pelibat teks kepada pembacanya dari hasil analisis modalisasi dan modulasi. Penelitian ini menemukan kesimpulan bahwa teks-teks tersebut didominasi oleh makna bahasa dengan transaksi informasi daripada tindakan. Hal ini berdampak pada penyajiannya yang secara informatif dan berorientasi pada menambah wawasan.
Jurnal Dialog Vol 40 No 1 (2017): DIALOG
Publisher : Sekretariat Badan Litbang dan Diklat Kementerian Agama RI

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English Each text genre has their own social function to fulfill the purpose of reading activities, therefore texts serve as an inseparable medium of learning in schools. This study explores the function and purposes of texts in correlation of recent social issues in the society. The data includes textbooks from the most recent curriculum. The data was analyzed into some phases of each genre based on Islamic perspectives. Social literacy is essentially needed since early ages of the children to equip them with the knowledge of socializing. In this case, texts are expected to be internalized by the children in their surrounding social environment. Besides exploring the text genres, this study also formulates some suggestions for the development of texts as well as for the teachers who communicate the content of the texts to the students. Indonesia Setiap genre teks memiliki fungsi sosialnya masing-masing untuk memenuhi tujuan dari aktifitas membaca. Oleh karena itu, teks menjadi media pembelajaran yang tidak bisa dipisahkan dari kegiatan belajar di sekolah. Berkaitan dengan fungsi dan tujuan dari teks yang lebih luas, penulis mengaitkannya dengan permasalahan sosial terkini di masyarakat dengan sumber data dari buku kurikulum terbaru. Literasi sosial diperlukan sejak dini untuk memberikan bekal pengetahuan bermasyarakat sehingga manfaat teks diharapkan dapat diinternalisasikan oleh anak-anak terhadap lingkungan sosial di sekitarnya. Selain mengeksplorasi genre teks pada sumber data, penulis juga berusaha memberikan saran pengembangan bagi teks maupun kepada guru sebagai pihak yang berperan penting sebagai penghubung berbagai aspek yang dibawa teks kepada para siswanya. Penulis memperoleh temuan tersebut melalui analisis pentahapan dari setiap genre dan sudut pandang Islami.
Widyaparwa Vol 48, No 2 (2020)
Publisher : Balai Bahasa Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

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Covid-19 epidemic attacked Indonesia so that the government decided policy to have to stay at home which started in the middle of March 2020. People had to adapt to the situation. This moment attracts the attention of service and product providers to conform. The researcher uses printed advertisements as the data source in the form of a multimodal document and find various businesses respond to the condition. They support the government’s policy while remaining motivating customers to use their products and services. The research is done in a qualitative paradigm towards words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and pictures as the data to answer the research topic. The data source was taken from the daily newspaper Kompas at the beginning of staying at home policy implementation by the government. The data collection was done by criterion-based sampling. Supported by the multimodal analysis approach, this research observes how linguistic and visual image components simultaneously convey intentions of the advertisements in the pandemic outbreaks. Readers are directed to know various terms raised by the advertisement to campaign the government’s policy while remain promoting. The researcher finds kinds of text genres working harmoniously with visual images to articulate meanings. This research is able to show that offered products and services by providers in their pandemic-time advertisement are part of the solution towards customers’ needs while physical and social distancings were enforced. Linguistic analysis in this research gives new findings of the benefit of text and visual images to express meanings in various ways for the same goal.Wabah Covid-19 melanda Indonesia sehingga pemerintah menetapkan kebijakan untuk beraktivitas di rumah saja mulai pertengahan bulan Maret 2020. Masyarakat harus bisa beradaptasi dengan situasi. Momen ini turut menarik perhatian penyedia layanan jasa dan produk untuk menyesuaikan diri. Peneliti menggunakan iklan cetak sebagai sumber data berupa dokumen multimodal dan menemukan beragam perusahaanturut merespon keadaan ini. Mereka mendukung kebijakan pemerintahsambil tetap mendorong konsumen untuk  menggunakan produk dan jasa yang dimiliki. Penelitian dilakukan dengan paradigma kualitatif terhadap kata, frasa, klausa, kalimat, dan gambar sebagai data untuk menjawab topik penelitian. Sumber data diperoleh dari koran harian Kompas pada awal masa berlakunya kebijakan aktivitas di rumah oleh pemerintah. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan teknik sampling berbasis kriteria. Didukung dengan pendekatan analisis dokumen multimodal, penelitian ini mengamati bagaimana komponen linguistik dan visual secara simultan menyampaikan maksud dari beragam iklan tersebut di saat pandemi. Pembaca diarahkan untuk mengetahui beragam istilah yang diangkat oleh iklan-iklan itu untuk mengampanyekan kebijakan pemerintah sambil tetap promosi. Peneliti menemukan macam-macamgenreteks yang berjalan harmonis dengan tampilan visual untuk mengartikulasikan makna. Penelitian ini mampu menunjukkan bahwa produk dan jasa yang ditawarkan perusahan pada iklan di masa pandemi merupakan bagian dari solusi terhadap kebutuhan konsumen saat jarak fisik dan sosial diberlakukan. Analisis kebahasaan dalam penelitian ini memberikan temuan baru tentang manfaat teks dan tampilan visual untuk menyuarakan maksud dengan beragam cara untuk tujuan yang sama.
The Sharia Hotels In Surakarta And Yogyakarta For World Citizens: A Linguistic Analysis Pamungkas, Putri Juli; Mulia, Vilya Lakstian Catra
Jurnal Dialog Vol 43 No 2 (2020): Dialog
Publisher : Sekretariat Badan Litbang dan Diklat Kementerian Agama RI

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Linguistic qualitative research using appraisal theory is descriptively undertaken on the English websites of the sharia hotels in Surakarta and Yogyakarta. The data are analyzed on the basis of Appraisal Theory coined by Martin & White (2005) relating to kinds of attitude reflected by language that are negotiated in the texts, level of engaged feelings, and social values. This research investigates the kinds of attitude reflected by language on the data sources available on the websites of the sharia hotels in Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Using document analysis technique, the research data are analyzed in the level of words in the clauses and sentences. The research found various language attitude implemented in the sharia hotels in Surakarta and Yogyakarta in attracting customers’ attention. This research does not only limit itself in finding the dominant factors, but also analyzing meanings of using those attitudes. Penelitian kualitatif bahasa dengan teori appraisal ini dilakukan pada berbagai situs hotel syariah berbahasa Inggris di Surakarta dan Yogyakarta secara deskriptif. Data dianalisis dengan Teori Appraisal yang dikemukakan oleh Martin & White (2005) terkait beragam jenis sikap yang direfleksikan dengan bahasa yang dinegosiasikan dalam teks, kekuatan perasaan yang terlibat, dan nilai sosial. Penelitian ini bertujuan menemukan jenis sikap yang direfleksikan pada bahasa pada sumber data yaitu berbagai situs hotel syariah di Surakarta dan Yogyakarta. Dengan teknik analisis dokumen, data penelitian dianalisis pada tingkat kata pada klausa dan kalimat. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah menemukan beragam sikap berbahasa yang dibangun oleh hotel-hotel syariah di Surakarta dan Yogyakarta dalam menarik perhatian konsumen. Penelitian ini tidak hanya terbatas pada memperoleh mana yang dominan, tetapi juga menganalisis makna dari penggunaan sikap itu.