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Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta

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Indonesian mother’s feeling and thought during pregnancy: a qualitative study Suryaningsih, Endang Koni; Wu, Shiang-Feng; Yan, Xuan-Yi; Lin, Hung-Ru
Journal of Health Technology Assessment in Midwifery Vol 1, No 2 (2018): November
Publisher : Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta

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During pregnancy, the mother may have a different experience based on many factors. The purpose of this study was to explore the experience of pregnant women in Indonesia. Some studies establish to explore experience during pregnancy in a particular area. However, limit number study underlined the experience in the general area. A descriptive phenomenological study was used to explore the experience of pregnant women during pregnancy. Purposive sampling, one-on-one, in-depth with semi-structural interviews were conducted to collect data. Narratives were analyzed by Colaizzi’s (1978) seven-step method. Data saturation was achieved after interviewing 3 pregnant women. Four themes and the sub-themes were : having feelings (happy for pregnancy coming true and worry about cannot have vaginal delivery), changes in physical condition (evening sickness, appetite changes, difficult sleep, and eating pattern have to change), deal with pregnant physical condition (lying down when vomiting and changing the meals time), ensure pregnancy safety (seeking help from husband, continuous monitoring of fetal head’s position, pay attention to changes in body weight, and pay attention to the data of hemoglobin). This finding presents the evidence for midwives to the importance of understanding the feeling and experience of the mother during pregnancy. Support and attention consider important for mother who experiences CS history and Placenta Previa in the current pregnancy.
Hubungan tingkat pendidikan formal dengan parenting self-efficacy periode awal nifas pada ibu pasca sectio caesarea Pramudianti, Domas Chandra; Raden, Abkar; Suryaningsih, Endang Koni
Jurnal Kebidanan dan Keperawatan Aisyiyah Vol 13, No 1 (2017): Juni
Publisher : Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta

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Abstract: The research aimsto determine the relationship of the levelof formal education with parenting self-efficacy in the early period ofpostnatal maternal post Sectio Caesarea(SC).The methods is anobservational study with cross sectional design. The study populationincludes all mothers post SC in RSIA ‘Aisyiyah Klaten and DelangguPKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, the subject of the study involved 66people. Samples were selected purposively to the inclusion criteriaof exclusion. Data analysis using Spearman Rank at the 95% confidencelevel. The results is level of formal education have a meaningfulrelationship with parenting self-efficacy in the early postnatal periodwith a value of p = 0.000 (p <0.05).Keywords: formal education, parenting self-efficacy
Faktor Risiko yang Berhubungan dengan Skor Maternal-Fetal Attachment pada Ibu Hamil Wahidah Sukriani; Endang Koni Suryaningsih
Jurnal Kesehatan Vol 9, No 2 (2018): Jurnal Kesehatan
Publisher : Politeknik Kesehatan Tanjung Karang

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Maternal-Fetal Attachment (MFA) is a bond between mother and fetus during pregnancy. MFA plays an important role in maternal and fetal health and affects mothers' decisions in healthy behaviors during pregnancy. Several factors predicted to affect the MFA is the age of pregnancy, maternal age, gravida, pregnancy status, marital status, occupation, income and education of the mother. This study aims to determine the factors associated with maternal-fetal attachment scores in pregnant women in the Panarung Puskesmas Palangka Raya. This was an observational analytic study with a cross-sectional design. A sample in this research is a pregnant woman who does a pregnancy examination at Puskesmas Panarung Kota Palangka Raya. The instrument used in this research is the Indonesian version of prenatal attachment inventory (IPAI). Data analysis was done by logistic regression. The results of statistical tests showed a significant relationship between gestational age with MFA score (p<0.05). Mothers with a gestational age >28 weeks had a better MFA score because the mother already felt the presence of her fetus.
Jurnal Riset Kebidanan Indonesia Vol 3, No 1 (2019): Juni
Publisher : AIPKEMA (Asosiasi Institusi Pendidikan Kebidanan Muhammadiyah-'Aisyiyah Indonesia)

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Latar belakang: Persalinan dipandang dari segi psikologis merupakan suatu kejadian penuh dengan stress yang menyebabkan peningkatan rasa nyeri, takut, dan cemas. Nyeri persalinan Nyeri persalinan dapat dikurangi dengan kompres hangat. Tujuan penelitian: Diketahuinya pengaruh kompres hangat terhadap penurunan intensitas nyeri persalinan kala I fase aktif. Metode : Desain penelitian menggunakan pre experimental design dengan rancangan one group pretest posttest design. Populasi seluruh ibu bersalin kala I fase aktif di RSM Surabaya pada tanggal 03-17 Juli 2016. Jumlah sampel 50 ibu bersalin yang diambil secara accidental sampling. Data yang digunakan adalah data primer dengan metode wawancara dan observasi. Instrumen menggunakan buli-buli panas elektrik, timer, lembar checklist dan skala ukur nyeri FLACC. Data dianalisis dengan menggunakan uji t-Test dengan tingkat kesalahan (? = 0,05). Hasil: Hampir seluruhnya nyeri persalinan pre tindakan adalah sangat tidak nyaman 84,0%. Setelah dilakukan kompres hangat 70% ibu mengalami nyeri sedang. Hasil uji t-Test menunjukkan ada pengaruh kompres hangat terhadap penurunan intensitas nyeri persalinan kala I fase aktif (p=0.000). Simpulan: Ada pengaruh kompres hangat terhadap penurunan intensitas nyeri persalinan kala I fase aktif.
Journal of Health Technology Assessment in Midwifery Vol 3, No 1 (2020): May (Articles in Press)
Publisher : Universitas Aisyiyah Yogyakarta

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Compare to others province in Borneo, central Borneo has fail to meet the minimum target of exclusive breastfeeding, estimated only about 20.5%. However, in Palangka Raya City, the prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding roughly only 14.99% and this number has decreased slowly year by year. Maternal Fetal Attachment (MFA) is playing an important role to the mother?s attitude to breastfeed their babies when they birth. Maternal-fetal attachment also affected to the mother?s health practice attitude toward her pregnancy. The aimed of this study is to explore the relationship between maternal-fetal attachment and their attitude toward breastfeeding exclusively. The consecutive sampling was used to recruited 97 participants in this study. Rank spearmen was calculated to determine the relationship between two variables. The result finding there is no a significant relationship between maternal-fetal attachment and their attitude to breastfeed exclusively. Limitations and recommendations have been made in this article for further study in the same area.
CONCEPT ANALYSIS OF MATERNAL-FETAL ATTACHMENT Endang Koni Suryaningsih; Meei-Ling Gau; Wantonoro Wantonoro
Belitung Nursing Journal Vol. 6 No. 5 (2020): September - October
Publisher : Belitung Raya Foundation, Indonesia

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Background: Knowing about prenatal attachment is crucial because it plays a significant role in pregnant women and their babies' health. Healthcare providers, particularly midwives, need to understand the concept of attachment between mother and unborn baby. However, surrogate terms to apply the concept of maternal-fetal attachment are found, and ambiguity on the definition remains. Objective: To provide a more precise definition of the concept of maternal-fetal attachment Method: The Walker and Avant's concept analysis approach was applied. Results: The attributes of maternal-fetal attachment include (i) having a positive emotion, (ii) paying attention to the physical progress of the fetus and mothers themselves, (iii) having a reciprocal interaction with the baby, (iv) monitoring and imaging the unborn baby, and (v) having a desire to protect her unborn baby from harm and increase her health practices. Maternal-fetal attachment is the affection relationship, desire for protection, building the interaction, and the emotional tie between the mother and her unborn baby during the pregnancy. This personal connection is developed, mainly when the quickening is present during the late stage of pregnancy. Maternal-fetal attachment creates an emotional relationship with the unborn baby and leads the mother to express it with behavior. Conclusion: This concept analysis provides new insight into the maternal-fetal attachment concept used for nurses and midwives in their practice.
Physical Rehabilitation Outcomes in Patients with Dementia Following Hip Fracture Surgery: A Review Wantonoro, Wantonoro; Dewi, Suarse; Suryaningsih, Endang Koni; Suprayitno, Edy
IJNP (Indonesian Journal of Nursing Practices) Vol 4, No 2 (2020): Indonesian Journal Of Nursing Practices
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

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Background: Dementia patients were reported of having high risk for hip fracture. Rehabilitation programs were still being debated for this vulnerable population and the recovery outcomes in this frail elderly population are varied, thus evidenced-based outcomes for this issue are needed.Objective: To investigate rehabilitation programs, especially on physical function outcomes in patients with dementia following hip fracture surgery.Method: PubMed, Scopus and MEDLINE (EBSCO) databases were searched from January 2000 to June 2020 concerning rehabilitation intervention program in dementia patients who received hip surgical treatment. The studies included have the following criteria, (1) investigating physical outcomes of rehabilitation programs (2) Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) study design, (3) study involving dementia patients following hip fracture surgery (4) English full-text journal.Results: Six studies were included in this review. Most study focused on interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary rehabilitation program. Physical outcomes of rehabilitation programs seem to improve physical function, maintaining physical ability for ambulation, and decrease the risk of falls in mild or moderate dementia patients following hip fracture surgery. However, the physical function of older persons with dementia confirmed to be lower than those without dementia.Conclusion: Rehabilitation may show benefit for physical function in elderlywith mild or moderate dementia following hip fracture surgery, and this population needs to be included in the clinical rehabilitation program. Investigating and establishing the strategies to improve outcomes for dementia population is needed for future study. 
Dukungan Keluarga dan Keaktifan Lansia Dalam Mengikuti Program Posyandu Lansia Suryaningsih, Endang Koni; Rini, Sulistio; Wantonoro
Journal of Aafiyah Health Research (JAHR) Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): JANUARI- JUNI (JAHR)
Publisher : Postgraduate Program in Public Health, Universitas Muslim Indonesia

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Latar belakang: Populasi lansia merupakan fenomena global. Posyandu lansia Indonesia dibentuk untuk mempertahankan kesehatan lansia. Budaya dan dukungan keluarga merupakan faktor yang penting dalam kegiatan posyandu lansia. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengatahui hubungan antara dukungan keluarga dan keaktifan lansia dalam mengikuti kegiatan posyandu lansia. Metode: Penelitian ini menggunakan survey korelasi dengan pendekatan crosectional. 114 responden yang telah diambil menggunakan teknik accidental sampling dan mengikuti penelitian ini. Analisys statistic Chi-scuare digunakan untuk mengetahui hubungan dukungan keluarga dengan keaktifan lansia dalam mengikuti program posyandu lansia.: Sebagian besar lansia dalam penelitian ini telah mendapat dukungan dari keluarga yaitu 72 responden (63.2%), namun terdapat sekitar 78 (68,4%) responden yang tidak aktif berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan posyandu lansia. Secara statistic didapatkan hubungan yang significant antara dukungan keluarga dan keaktifan lansia dalam kegiatan posyandu lansia (p=0.001) Kesimpulan: Dukungan keluarga diharapkan terus dilakukan untuk dapat memberikan perhatian, motivasi dan dukungan kepada lansia. Keluarga dapat memberikan dukungan dengan mengingatkan dan memberikan fasilitas untuk berpastisipasi dalam kegiatan setiap bulannya. Memberdayakan keluarga dalam mendukung kegiatan lansia menjadi hal yang menarik untuk peneliatian selanjutnya.