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Belalang Kembar Siam Berkepala Dua sebagai Inspirasi Desain Busana Kostum untuk Perempuan Dewi Isma Aryani; Cecilia Agata Purnama
JURNAL RUPA Vol 8 No 1 (2023): Open Issue (In press)
Publisher : Telkom University

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The extremely rare occurrence of conjoined twins in grasshoppers served as the inspiration for the POLYCHYPERA collection. Photographer Juan Camarillo from South America saw this two-headed grasshopper and utilized it as a photo subject for the image titled "Two Headed Grasshopper." By exhibiting one head's condition on the front-back and top-down sides of each outfit, the grasshopper's singularity serves as a source of inspiration for the design of costume apparel. The POLYCHYPERA costume collection is created with the contrast impact in mind. Finding a distinctive costume design development concept using an anthropomorphic approach is how the study challenge is stated. This study aims to develop a concept and product design for dramatic-styled costume garments. By experimentation and reading, the research method employs the project-based learning approach. The findings of this study are anticipated to serve as a guide for comparable fashion designs that can develop the innovative creativity of fashion industry players.