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Analysis of Laskar Pelangi in English Version Based on Transitivity Theory SYATHROH, ISRY LAILA; HUSNUSSALAM, HENDRA
English Journal Literacy Utama Vol 3 No 1 (2019): English Journal Literacy UTama
Publisher : Universitas Widyatama

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This study aims to investigate the characterizations of Lintang in the English version of Laskar Pelangi novel (2009), The Rainbow Troops, based on Transitivity. As the unit of analysis, the data are 30 selected clauses, both uttered by Lintang himself or the narrator. The clauses are arranged chronologically based on the plot of the story consisting of phase 1 (opening), phase 2 (conflict & climax), and phase 3 (closing). This research employs qualitative descriptive design (Fraenkel & Wallen, 2007: 430). The approach for this research is narrative inquiry. According to Croker (Heigham & Croker, 2009: 16), among disciplines using narrative inquiry are anthropology, sociology, history, psychology and literature. The results show that based on transitivity theory, the characterizations of Lintang are represented and portrayed by the types of process and participant in every clause. Among his emerging characterizations are: hyperactive, brave, never-gives-up kid, heroism, and willing to sacrifice for his family.
PROJECT (Professional Journal of English Education) Vol 2, No 2 (2019): Volume 2 Number 2, March 2019
Publisher : IKIP Siliwangi

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The direction of the research is to prove whether the discovery learning method can improve the students competence in writing descriptive text or not. The subject is the tenth grade students of MA Nurul Hidayah Batujajar which consist of 16 students. The researcher conducted 2 cycles of classroom action research as the research method. Each cycle comprised pre-test, two meetings for treatment and post-test. In collecting data, the researcher used test and non-test. From the data taken, the result tends to be satisfied. During teaching learning process, the students tend to become active participants. The results of the research showed that the students are more confident in writing descriptive text and know what to write. Furthermore, there are some improvements in their test scores which are the mean score of post-test1 in cycle one (5.65) is higher than the mean score of pretest (4.03) and the mean score of post-test2 in cycle two (6.72) is higher than the mean score of post-test1 in cycle one. From the results of the research, it can be summarized that using discovery learning method can improve the students’ writing descriptive text.