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Firza, Firza
History Education Department, Mulawarman University

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Journal : Diakronika

Kendala yang Dihadapi Mahasiswa Jurusan Sejarah dalam Menulis Proposal Skripsi Aisiah, Aisiah; Firza, Firza
Diakronika Vol 18 No 2 (2018): DIAKRONIKA
Publisher : FIS Universitas Negeri Padang

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Students generally experience obstacles in writing thesis research proposals. The research findings indicate that the problems in writing a thesis proposal by students include; find research ideas, look for literature and empirical data in the field as well as technical constraints related to aspects of writing relating to structure (systematics) and rules for using scientific and standard Indonesian languages. The specific problem of writing proposal research types, among others, relates to the development of a framework that describes the paradigm of relationships between variables, determining the design of experimental designs, how to determine samples and analyze data using formulas and statistics. Constraints on PTK proposal writing, among others, relate to the determination of research design in the form of the PTK cycle including the activities carried out in each cycle, determining indicators of success, data collection and data analysis. While writing a proposal for the type of R & D research students face constraints related to determining product specifications that are attractive and truly needed by teachers and students, relevant literature, writing framework, selection of development models, and product trial designs. The study of this study describes the obstacles faced by students in writing research proposals for history education thesis. The aim is to identify common obstacles experienced by students in writing thesis proposals, including specific obstacles to writing experimental research proposals, CAR and R&D. Data on the constraints of thesis proposal writing are collected by interviewing students, examining their thesis proposals and examining students' written reports about the perceived constraints when writing a thesis proposal. The source of research data comes from students, thesis documents and experience reports writing thesis proposals. This data was analyzed descriptively qualitatively.
Modul Berbsis Green History untuk Pembelajaran Sejarah di Sekolah Menengah Atas Karima, Elfa Michellia; Firza, Firza
Diakronika Vol 18 No 2 (2018): DIAKRONIKA
Publisher : FIS Universitas Negeri Padang

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The important thing in studying history is to make it more interesting. The teacher as a facilitator must find other ways to make student interested when they learn, so far history learning is less exciting because student are obligated to remember the fact of historical events. Green history-based module learning will provide more interesting learning material for students to understand history since the module integrates paste vents whic hare related to the presentand also witht hesurrounding environment. The purpose  of this researc histoimprove students knowledge, skills, and awareness about environmental values andenvironmental issues. This  research is development research, which some stages namely Data Collection, Model Design, Design Validation, Design Revision, Product Trial, Product Revision,Mass Production of Products. This research has a positive impact on students in learning history, students understanding increases and students can analyse a historical event.