Zakaria, Roni
Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia

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Jurnal Sistem Informasi Vol 10 No 2 (2014): Jurnal Sistem Informasi (Journal of Information System)
Publisher : Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia

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Layanan jasa seksi ABC information system is a system used by ABC lembaga DEF staff for process of saving and processing data of customer and customer’s product. This system facilitated by lembaga DEF to support making a document for testing. Previously seksi ABC lembaga DEF staff still use Microsoft Access and manual record. Therefore seksi ABC lembaga DEF staff require a new information system that quickly and efficiently so that improve customer services. In making this new information system the author uses Microsoft Visual Basic and MySql. The design of information system using prototyping method and using the database design with the concept of context diagram, Data flow Diagram (DFD), flowchart and Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). The new application system is based on desktop applications and integration with SMS gateway.
Perencanaan Strategi Pemasaran (Segmentation, Targetting dan Positioning) Koran Harian Solopos Berdasarkan Persepsi Konsumen Astuti, Elisa Reinni; Fahma, Fakhrina; Zakaria, Roni
Performa: Media Ilmiah Teknik Industri Vol 4, No 1 (2005): PERFORMA Vol. 4 No 1, Maret 2005
Publisher : Industrial Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret

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Wide scope of the newspaper circulation not further becomes increased values that can be stronger the market. When the newspaper likely cone be “attendant” a limited community (local), newspaper will to try appear as superior and established in market community that will be reach. The research is done to know segments, target and position of Solopos newspaper as the basic of their marketing strategies. Data intrepetation is done through survey with questioner methods that spread to Solopos’s customer in fifthten village chief in Surakarta. The methods of processing data using multivariate analysis i.e. cluster analysis uses to find out the customers’ group based on their similar perception, Multi Dimensional Scaling Analysis and Correspondence Analysis used to mapping the position of Solopos among its competitor. Output of this research is that Solopos customer grouping into three segments, with different characteristics i.e. occupation, income, and position in family. First segment consist of customer which has more interest on news completely, style language, price agree with quality and easy to get its. Respondent in second segment inclined negative characteristic to some part of the attribute. Third segment more interest on headline, actuality, factuality, and inexpensive price and appropriate to ship the product. Position mapping show that the position of brand’s point is far from each other. It means that customer’s perception on each newspaper is differently or each brand has its uniqueness. Furthermore, known that Solopos has specialty on service and promotion. Based on the result of data analysis, Solopos would be able to be offered for community’s group of first and third segment, because of the specialty that is service. The design of marketing mix includes maintaining the quality and price, increasing the promotion and service that are Solopos’s specialty.
Perancangan Ulang Sistem Informasi Pos dengan Integrasi SMS Gateway di PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero) Zakaria, Roni; Veriawan, Herindra; -, Yuniaristanto
Performa: Media Ilmiah Teknik Industri Vol 10, No 2 (2011): PERFORMA Vol. 10 No 2, September 2011
Publisher : Industrial Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret

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Perancangan ulang sistem informasi pos dilakukan dengan mengintegrasi semua fase layanan dengan teknologi SMS Gateway dalam satu sistem aplikasi. Sistem mengirim status kiriman mulai dari pencatatan kiriman (fase collecting) hingga pengantaran kiriman (fase delivery). Setiap pergerakan kiriman termonitor oleh sistem dan pelanggan pos mendapat pembaharuan status kiriman via SMS. Perancangan dimulai dari perancangan aliran data dengan melibatkan semua entitas dalam sistem. Berdasarkan diagram aliran data dapat diidentifikasi kamus data sebagai dasar perancangan basis data dengan model ER (Entity Relationship). Selanjutnya, dilakukan perancangan antar-muka aplikasi dengan menggunakan prinsip komposisi kesederhanaan layout, posisi kontrol, konsistensi dan kontras warna. Ujicoba aplikasi menggunakan metode black-box testing dengan penentuan kriteria berdasarkan hasil identifikasi sistem awal.
Identifikasi Kesesuaian Karakteristik Generasi Y dan Budaya Organisasi terhadap Deviant Workplace Behavior Pada PT. ABC Rangkuti, Sabrina Heriza; Yuniaristanto, -; Zakaria, Roni
Performa: Media Ilmiah Teknik Industri Vol 17, No 2 (2018): PERFORMA Vol. 17, No 2 September 2018
Publisher : Industrial Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret

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Generation is a groups consisting of individuals have in common over age range and experience in the same period. Currently there are four generations of working age population in the organization determined based on year of birth, namely boomer generation (1946-1964), X generation (1965-1977), and Y generation (1977-1994). In Indonesia, knowing Y generation is a challenge because the research of this generation is very limited or perhaps even very rarely be contracted with this generation, especially to reviewing the characteristic or perception of this generation. One of the MRO companies in Indonesia has about 4,400 employees and 65% of its employees are Y generation. This MRO company has the vision to be the top 10 MRO companies in the world. Organizational culture is one of the strategies considered by the company. Organizational culture become an important element in desigining norms, attitude and social values that must be considered with an organization to overcome deviant workplace behaviour problems So, the purpose of this study is to characterize the employee Y in the MRO company and to see the relationship of Y generation characteristics and organizational culture to the deviant workplace behavior. The results obtained from this research survey are some characteristics of generation Y according to Murphy (2007) owned by employees Y generation at PT. ABC and only group action characteristics that have an effect on Y generation characteristics on PT. ABC. This can mean the generation of Y employees at PT. ABC has not developed the potential which should belong to Generation Y in general. Like the potential to be optimistic and multitasking that would be very useful to the MRO company but has not had any influence.