Amalia, Suci Nugrah
Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang

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Teachers Assessment of Young Learners English Productive Skills Amalia, Suci Nugrah
English Language and Literature International Conference (ELLiC) Proceedings Vol 1 (2017): 1st ELLiC Proceedings: `Innovation, Trends, and Challenges in English Language Learni
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang

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Assessing the productive skills namely speaking and writing tends to be more difficult than assessing the receptive skills namely listening and reading. The teachers need to pay more attention in assessing these skills especially for the elementary school students who are in the beginner level of English ability. Therefore, the aims of this research were to find out : The test format, marking criteria and the scoring scheme used by the teachers in assessing students productive skills. This research was conducted under descriptive design. The respondents were 2 English teachers of Sekolah Dasar Islam Terpadu Aisyiyah (SDITA) Taman Harapan Curup. The data were taken from observation, interview and document analysis. The results of this research were : 1) The test formats used by the teachers to assess speaking skill wereinterview, picture description, and presentation while composition, brief description, writing the interview result and writing the expression were used to assess writing skill. 2) The criteria used by the teachers were pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency for speaking assessment, grammar, vocabulary and mechanics for writing assessment, 3)The teacher use the scoring scale to score students productive skills. The scale itself depends on the criteria or language component which were being assessed and each scale of score has its own description. Virtually, it would be better if the teachers write down some notes in students writing product so that they can analyze their weakness easily.
English Language and Literature International Conference (ELLiC) Proceedings Vol 3 (2019): 3rd ELLiC Proceedings: Reimagining New Cyber-based Research in English Education, Lit
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang

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The present instrumental case study focused on probing into pre-service English teachers’ attitude towards students’ willingness to communicate (WTC). 10 pre-service English teachers were purposively chosen regarding their familiarity and comprehension with the study issue. The data were solicited from interview and questionnaire. Their attitude was manifested in their positive evaluative judgments towards the hypothesized model of WTC whereby those judgments also represented three domains of attitude subsuming affective, cognitive, and behavioral domain. The results indicated that in spite of some situational restrictions, all of the participants had a positive attitude towards students’ WTC which guides them to carry out communicative learning activities in the classroom. Further studies are highly recommended to more deeply deal with the realm of WTC implementation in Indonesian contexts. Such studies can be meaningful references for Indonesian English teachers to encourage students to have a high WTC.