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PENGENALAN SOFTWARE JBATIK PADA KARYAWAN NISYA BATIK KUNINGAN Nugraha, Rika; Nugraha, Nunu; Abbas, Cecep Juliansyah; Sugiharto, Tito; Sulistiani, Mirna
Empowerment : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Vol 3, No 01 (2020): Empowerment
Publisher : Program Studi Ilmu Hukum Fakultas Hukum Universitas Kuningan

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The purpose of devotion is the introduction of JBatik Software to Nisya Batik Kuningan employees. The era of globalization, the younger generation is expected to have entrepreneurial abilities that can be used as opportunities to improve the welfare of the community. The method of conducting entrepreneurship counseling activities for the younger generation was carried out on 9-11 September in Nisya Batik, Cikubangsari Village, Kramatmulya District, Kuningan Regency. The number of participants in this activity were 4 young people from Nisya Batik employees in Cikubangsari Village, Kramatmulya District, Kuningan Regency with a high school education background. The method used is the presentation method, the method of introduction of software and training methods for making batik motifs. The material in this training activity is in the form of software for making batik motifs that makes it easy for employees so that they do not require finishing in making batik motifs before. The result of dedication that is Nisya Batik along with Cikubangsari Village, Kramatmulya Subdistrict, Kuningan Regency can launch empowerment activities especially in developing the use of technology as production and planned efficiency between Universities and Village Officials to explore the potentials in the region.Keywords: Technology, Nisya Batik, Batik Motifs.Abstrak AbstrakTujuan dari pengabdian adalah pengenalan Software JBatik pada karyawan Nisya Batik Kuningan. Era globalisasi, generasi muda diharapkan memiliki kemampuan berwirausaha yang dapat dijadikan peluang untuk  meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat.. Metode pelaksanaan  kegiatan  penyuluhan kewirausahaan bagi generasi muda ini dilaksanakan  pada  tanggal 9 -11 September di Nisya Batik Desa Cikubangsari Kecamatan Kramatmulya Kabupaten Kuningan.  Adapun jumlah  peserta dalam kegiatan ini sebanyak  4  orang  generasi  muda dari karyawan Nisya Batik Desa Cikubangsari Kecamatan Kramatmulya Kabupaten Kuningan dengan latar belakang pendidikan SMA. Metode yang digunakan  yaitu metode presentasi, metode pengenalan software dan metode pelatihan pembuatan  motif-motif batik. Materi dalam kegiatan pelatihan ini berupa software untuk pembuatan motif batik yang memudahkan bagi karyawan sehingga tidak memerlukan kembali finishing dalam pembuatan motif batik sebelumnya. Hasil pengabdian yaitu Nisya Batik beserta jajaran  Desa Cikubangsari Kecamatan Kramatmulya Kabupaten Kuningan dapat mencanangkan kegiatan pemberdayaan khususnya dalam mengembangkan penggunaan teknologi sebagai efisiensi produksi dan terencana antara Perguruan Tinggi dengan Aparat Desa untuk menggali potensi-potensi yang ada di wilayah tersebut.Kata Kunci : Teknologi, Nisya Batik, Motif Batik.
Kampanye Konservasi Sungai Di Kuningan Melalui Animasi Pendek Yulyanto; Rika Nugraha; Abi M Rasul
Bulletin of Information Technology (BIT) Vol 3 No 1: Maret 2022
Publisher : Forum Kerjasama Pendidikan Tinggi (FKPT)

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The increase in population has also resulted in changes in the pattern of people's consumption of water sources, but today there are still many people who are still not aware of maintaining their water sources including rivers, in Kuningan, especially in the Kuningan village area, there are rivers that used to be clean slowly become dirty due to garbage and waste, the purpose of this research is so that the community, especially children, know more about the importance of protecting the environment, especially the rivers around it. The results of this study made a short animated film entitled Tirta & Yahsa "the river is not a trash can" which contains the importance of conserving or preserving rivers, as a media for campaigns and education for the community, especially children to raise awareness about the importance of conserving or preserving rivers. After it was published offline to elementary school children and online on the YouTube channel, it got a very positive response from children and the public in general liked the animation, even from the 26 children who were tested watching it offline 100% all of them liked this animation. and 77% or 20 children were directly affected by starting from small things around them such as cleaning their respective desks and not littering, while 23% or 6 children did not get a direct impact because their desks still looked unclean
JATISI (Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi) Vol 9 No 1 (2022): JATISI (Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi)
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat (LPPM) STMIK Global Informatika MDP

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The reflexology business competition, especially in Pontianak City is increasing. Therefore, a new strategy is needed to assist companies within managing customer relationships, so that they can increase customer loyalty and retain existing customers. One of the business strategies that can help manage customer relationships is using CRM technology. CEO Reflexology is one of the MSMEs located in Pontianak City who will implement CRM technology. The purpose of this research is to built a web-based system using the MVC pattern by implementing CRM as a marketing tool. The CRM features that will be implemented are SMS Marketing as a marketing tool to promote and provide the latest information related to product using the SMS Gateway API and the customer segmentation to group customers using the K-Means Clustering method based on the customer's RFM model. The results of the CRM implementation in this research were customer segmentation by obtaining 3 customer groups based on the level of customer loyalty and the results of the SMS gateway API implementation on the SMS Marketing feature successfully sent to the recipient. The results of this research is a customer relationship management system that has been functionally tested and obtained results in accordance with the functional design of the system. Meanwhile, the interface testing for the general public received a very good predicate with a percentage of 87.37%.
Kajian Desain Perhiasan Tulola Jewelry Dengan Inspirasi Budaya Bali Rika Nugraha
JURNAL RUPA Vol 1 No 1 (2016): Open Issue
Publisher : Telkom University

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The potential of jewelry Indonesia in the international high-end segment is Tulola Jewelry that resemble the culture of the archipelago through the inspiration of Balinese culture , thus successfully penetrate the world market .The purpose of this paper is first, Tulola jewelry to produce products worldwide . Secondly, Tulola jewelry inspired by the culture of Bali. Third, how to design visualization of Tulola Jewelry The method used is the qualitative approach to the study of iconography as identification, description and interpretation of icons based on the attributes of the marker .The end result of this research collaboration Tulola Jewelry is a traditional Indonesian jewelry with a modern twist , excellence Tulola Design Jewelry as jewelry Indonesia has a distinctive feature compared with jewelry from other countries . A blend of modern technology and traditional Balinese motifs make jewelry look artistic .
Balong International Journal of Design Vol 2, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Kuningan

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Myth is a form of education about the essence of morality and ways of life in society. Myth is not just a fairy tale without the essence of the message / philosophy in it, but the myth is the most effective way of delivering teachings and guidance about the ultimate truth. With this research it can become a place for scientific studies in understanding philosophies for the user community or for readers of the research. In its development, the people of North Maluku saw the myth of Ake Santosa only as a story / saga of the past in the name of culture. But there are also those who instill the myth of Ake Santosa as a truth which in fact actually dominates the system of thinking and forming the characteristics of the user community, especially the indigenous people in Ternate. So that the formation of dualism of views, this is feared to change the values of the message / philosophy which is the teachings and guidance for the community. So we need a scientific study, which is able to become a form of method in seeing or dissecting the philosophical meaning of a myth that exists in society. The application of the theory of transfiguration began with literature and literature studies related to the myth of Ake Santosa in Ternate society in North Maluku and became primary data. Then developed through a visual study approach. Furthermore, this final data is then analyzed and transferred into the form of visual objects that give rise to other meanings of the myth itself.
Reconstruction Material Sumping Accesories with Customization Design (Joni Permana Artwork) Rika Nugraha; Elin Herlina
Balong International Journal of Design Vol 1, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Universitas Kuningan

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Sumping is a type of jewelry worn on the ears. It is usually carved in the shape resemble with wings of a bird or swirls strands of leaves. Way of wearing sumping is tucking the earlobe on the curved hole sumping. It is found in Indonesia, especifically in Javanese culture and traditional dress, worn as attributes on Thailand clothing dancers. Sumping is one of the attributes of the completeness of the clothing dance like Java serimpi dance and puppet people. Works of art in the form of Sumping has been reconstructed by Joni Permana as costum art designer, Sumping which is now no longer used as the complement of traditional dance, through display design costumized Sumping has a point of interest in any performance. The reconstruction is done by not changing the form as well as its usefulness, but sumping effort of reconstruction is done so that the use of sumping maintained through a culture of innovation. Sumping has high cultural value as cultural products as well as aesthetic value in its works so that cultural heritage still has continuous existence.Keywords—.  Reconstruction, Sumping, Customization
Implementation of the FAST Fast Corner Detection Algorithm (Feature Form Accelerated Segment Test) and Augmented Reality to Determine the Authenticity of Batik Case Study (Batik Trusmi) Cirebon Dadan Ramdoni; Tito Sugiharto; Aji Permana; Rika Nugraha
Balong International Journal of Design Vol 1, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Kuningan

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AbstractIndonesia has a diversity of cultural arts, including art crafts. This craft art covers several fields including the arts of wood crafts, metal crafts, ceramic crafts, leather crafts, and textile crafts. In textile crafts, there are several types, such as weaving, knitting, embroidery, and batik. One area that has a characteristic of batik is Cirebon. Cirebon has a traditional batik center, namely Trusmi Batik. TrusmiBatik is a company that produces various kinds of batik, including mega mendungbatik motifs, paksinagaliman, patrankeris, patran kale, umbrella lion, barong lion, sunyaragian arum garden, banjarbalong, ayam alas, supiturang, nagaseba, sawat bride and groom cymbals, etc. The Trusmi batik company has problems on how to minimize artificial batik and how to distinguish original batik from artificial batik. One of technologiesthat can be used is Augmented Reality by using a QR Code (Quick Response) as a sign especially those which can find out whether the batik is original or imitation. The Feature From Accelerated Segment Test is a high-speed interest point detection algorithm based on pixel considerations in circular areas around interest points. Using the FAST algorithm can be used to detect markers so that they can distinguish original batik from artificial batik.Keywords: Trusmi Batik, QR Code, Augmented Reality, FAST.
Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Pembelajaran Desain Grafis Berbasis Multimedia Interaktif Yulyanto; Rika Nugraha
Bulletin of Information Technology (BIT) Vol 3 No 1: Maret 2022
Publisher : Forum Kerjasama Pendidikan Tinggi (FKPT)

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Abstract− This study aims to produce a graphic design learning media that is given to class XII students. The media is very effective in providing educational information to students, especially tutorial media. Because tutorial media is a visual interactive media tool to teach students to understand graphic design faster. In addition, at the high school / vocational school level, graphic design lessons have been given, but only use Corel Draw software, even though graphic design itself does not only use Corel Draw software. There are several examples of software used in graphic design, namely Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. The results of this study obtained a new learning method that is ready to be used to teach graphic design material so that it can increase student motivation in the process of teaching and learning activities
Publisher : Universitas Swadaya Gunung Djati

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Museum gedung perundingan linggarjati merupakan salah satu museum bersejarah yang dikelola oleh Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Upaya museum untuk mengembangkan identitas visual sudah baik secara media cetak maupun media visual, namun perkembangan tersebut belum sepenuhnya mendapatkan image atau branding yang tepat, ditambah perkembangan internet dan sosial media yang semakin pesat dapat menjadi hal yang penting untuk mengembangkan brand image ditinjau dalam ranah desain komunikasi visual. Perancangan ini bertujuan untuk membuat identitas visual dan sosial media museum agar masyarakat bisa mengetahui sejarah dan keunikan museum. Untuk menghasilkan sebuah identitas visual yang menarik dan representatif maka dilakukan pengumpulan data secara kualitatif dengan mengumpulkan data tentang museum, mengikuti perkembangan trend visual, melakukan analisa promosi sebelumnya dan observasi. Perancangan identitas visual Museum Gedung Perundingan Linggarjati meliputi logo, tipografi, warna, dan elemen gambar yang diturunkan kedalam media-media yang digunakan.Kata Kunci: Museum Gedung Perundingan Linggarjati, Identitas Visual, Sosial Media