Agrotechnology Research Journal
Vol 2, No 1 (2018): Agrotechnology Research Journal

Pengaruh Umur Transplantasi Benih terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Poduktivitas Varietas Lokal Jenis Padi Merah (Oryza Sativa L)

Irianti Kurniasari (Agricultural Extension Program, Sekolah Tinggi Penyuluhan Pertanian Malang)
Adi Prayoga Prayoga (Agricultural Extension Program, Sekolah Tinggi Penyuluhan Pertanian Yogyakarta)

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04 Jun 2018


One of the efforts to increase the national rice productivity is by improving rice cultivation system. Seed is one of the important factor in the cultivation of rice crops. Seed quality influenced by the age of seed in the nursery before planting. Indirectly, the age of seed transplantation will affect the growth and productivity of rice crops. This research conducted to find out the effect age of seed transplantation and the suitable age of seed transplantation to obtain the optimal rice productivity. Completely Random Block Design were used in this research with the age of seed transplantation as a treatment. Four treatments consist of 0, 12, 21, and 35 days after seedling. The growth parameters were observed including plant height and number of tillers, while production parameters including number of productive tillers, dry weight of grain harvest and milled (kg), 1000 grain weight, and productivity. The data were analyzed by analysis of variance, if there is significantly different continued by DMRT 5% level. The result showed that the age of seed transplantation effects on growth and production parameters, and obtained the highest rice productivity at the 21 age of seed transplantation.

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