Vol 5 No.1 (Januari, 2017) Ethos: Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengabdian (Sains & Teknologi)

Kajian Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Timbulnya Pasar Minggu Di Kawasan Bandung Timur

lely Syiddatul Akliyah (Unknown)

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29 Jan 2017


The proliferation of Pasar Minggu  in Bandung, especially in the area of Bandung Timur raises some positive and negative impacts. Among the negative impacts is the traffic jam, a heap of waste generated from trade activity, and environmental conditions were filthy and chaotic. If this is allowed to continue, the growth in the market on this week could be growing uncontrollably. As an initial study, it is necessary to explore the factors causing the Pasar Minggu in The Bandung Timur Region. Thereby expect to further of this research can be structured strategies to minimize the negative impact of market developments this week. Selected two sites in  Bandung Timur Region namely Metro Region-Margahayu Raya and Jalan Ibrahim Adjie corridor area. The method used is descriptive quantitative data collection methods to survey the secondary data and the primary to the field using a questionnaire and interviews. Found the factors causing the Pasar Minggu in the Bandung Timur Region include: low cost of regular payments, a strategic location near the settlements, ease of transportation to reach the area of trade, traders generally stay not far away from the Sunday market, and the turnover of earning is big enough.  

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