Jurnal Komunikasi Indonesia
Vol 8, No 1 (2019): March

Cyberbullying Involvement: Impacts of Violence Exposure in The Media, Family, Society, and School

Reny Yuliati (Universitas Indonesia)
Andria Saptyasari (Universitas Airlangga)

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17 Jul 2019


Cyberbullying is a severe problem which may occur in adolescents during online communication. They may become a perpetrator or victim. This research investigates the violence exposure in several contexts, such as media, family, society, and school, and its relationship to the students&rsquo; involvement, whether they are the cyberbullying perpetrator or victim. A survey of senior high school students (N total = 201) was conducted. The study found that violence exposure, especially in the media and schools, significantly segregated the students&rsquo; cyberbullying involvement status. Youngsters, who are exposed to the violence in the media and schools, tend to be the cyberbullying perpetrator-victim. Additional analysis of the participants&rsquo; genders showed a significant difference, where female was more likely to be the cyberbullying victim and male was inclined to be the perpetrator (p < 0.05). Finally, the implications for practice and suggestions for future research are briefly addressed.

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Languange, Linguistic, Communication & Media


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