JGGAG (Journal of Games, Game Art, and Gamification)
Vol 4, No 1 (2019)

“Mandarin For Newbies” Development Of Mobile Game For Learning Mandarin Language

Tjugiarto, Bob Jade (Unknown)
Loeis, Minaldi (Unknown)

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31 Jul 2019


Creating an application named ?Mandarin for Newbies? aims to bring in more exposure and accessibility towards the importance of learning Mandarin Language, through the use of technology (Android SDK, Unity, Adobe Photoshop). This is proven to be of importance through the interviewee?s responses regarding the importance and usage of Mandarin as a language. Mandarin for Newbies application aims to provide an alternate and easier way of learning Mandarin language through the use of smartphones, providing an accessible way to learn, in comparison, with the standards way of learning. The uniqueness of this application is taking the learning aspect through the usage of space repetition, which is, a learning method that takes advantage of increasing intervals of time in between subsequent review of previously learned material in order of taking advantage of a psychological spacing effect. All the while, combining it with entertainment, that is a game. This allows the user to learn as they play. Several tests, including compatibility and user acceptance tests were performed to evaluate the prototype. Although the prototype has not been able to cover the whole aspect of learning, the test results shows a satisfactory result in terms of accessibility and basic functionality.

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