JGGAG (Journal of Games, Game Art, and Gamification)
Vol 4, No 1 (2019)

Gamification the Learning of Manual Craftmanship Batik Lasem Process through Board Games

Dirgantoro, Bayu (Unknown)

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31 Jul 2019


Lasem is a city on the north coast of Java Island Indonesia. Lasem city is an acculturation between Chinese, Moslem and Javanese culture. Lasem is one of the oldest batik production centers in Java. Batik Lasem need to be preserved because it will extinct due to the lack of the interest from the young generation to preserve the technique or create new motives, as well as continuing manufacturing the Batik Lasem. To increase the awareness and interest of young generation about this culture and products, authors aim to protect this preservation through board games that created for young generation in Indonesia. Authors selected board game as a media to introduce the culture of Lasem because using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning (MacKay, 2013). The research started with exploring the heritage culture focusing on batik process and motives, theory of educational games and design theory. The research methodology done through qualitative methods: in-depth interviews, testing board games to the targeted market, literature about games as an educational tool. The objectives of this board game are to create a fun and inspired game for young generation with significant educational value about the culture heritage.  This game can be continuing and expanding with other cities in Indonesia and it is very possible to create series of the fun educational games that can tell the beauty of culture that Indonesia has. After several testing processes and designing the board game, the test results in understanding the batik process through game is far more interesting compared to traditional learning method. The idea of simulating technical process through gamification shows a great potential of alternative teaching methodology.

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