Sainstek : Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi
Vol 5, No 1 (2013)


Sumijan, Sumijan (Unknown)
Santony, Julius (Unknown)

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22 Sep 2016


Multimedia computers today have become a necessity, either by businesses or other community groups. Information is not enough just through text and graphics alone, but the information includes text, graphics, animated images, video and audio. Multimedia computer applications that are widely used today is e-commerce, e-commerce where the buying or selling activity conducted electronically on the Internet. E-commerce can also be more specific means of advertising, sales, delivery and service to take advantage of a web show 24 hours a day for all customers. E-commerce is a fraction of the facilities provided in the wilds Internet (cyber space). However, its existence is vital to boost the business of a company that wants to go-International. E-commerce is a combination of technology, apllications, proceses and strategic bussinees. Object of this study discusses the success factors (opportunities) and failures (challenges) in e-commerce menerepkan especially in Indonesia and this study also discusses the application of e-commerce as a bridge to cyber trade transactions between the consumer and the merchant bank, a payment server that will authorize a credit card or debit card online. Data taken from the successes and failures of previous studies beberpa survey were analyzed and presented in this study. Based on the results of this study found that the role of government to impose regulations to create a market trend and pioneering e-commerce, especially in the improvement of the trading system. To boost interest in e-commerce is not independent of consciousness, beliefs, customs and culture of a society of Indonesia. Cultures in Indonesia who still believe in the traditional trades of the e-commerce. However, e-commerce will still be needed in the face of the global market. To petrify the small and medium industries (SMEs) in creating a market trend of digital government intervention is needed in creating a framework in a comprehensive system such as applications, technical infrastructure and non-technical, regulatory management, monetary policy, including banking and other financial institutionsKey words: provider, cyber trade, e-mail, cyber space, framework, Comercenet

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