Scientia Psychiatrica
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): Scientia Psychiatrica

Haloperidol and Risperidone Induce Apoptosis Neuronal Cell : Invivo Study

Panserga, Ester G (Unknown)
Kristanto, Cecep S (Unknown)
Pratiti, Budi (Unknown)
Wulandari, Patricia (Unknown)

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09 Jan 2020


Abstract Introduction Antipsychotics are drugs that are widely prescribed for mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and psychosis. Recent in vitro studies show antipsychotics play a role in the initiation of neuronal cell apoptosis. This study aims to determine the effect of haloperidol and risperidone on neuronal cell apoptosis in Wistar white rats. Methods Male wistar rats aged 8 weeks (n = 30) were used in this study. Wistar rats were randomized into 6 groups. Group A: 5 wistar rats as a control without induced schizophrenia, aquades and drugs. Group B: 5 Wistar-induced psychotic mice (using 30 mg / kgBB ketamine, intraperitoneal injection for 5 days) and aquadest. Group C: 5 rats were induced psychotic and were given haloperidol or 0.05 mg / kgBB orally, for 28 days. Group D: 5 mice were induced psychotic and were given haloperidol 0.1 mg / kg orally, for 28 days. Group E: 5 mice were induced psychotic and were given risperidone 0.05 mg / kgBB orally, for 28 days. Group F: 5 mice were induced psychotic and given risperidone 0.1 mg / kgBB orally, for 28 days. Apoptosis of neuronal cells in the ventral tegmental area was assessed by caspase-3 immunohistochemistry. The colored area will be calculated as a total percentage using the imageJ program. Results Risperidone and haloperidol increase caspase-3 activity, but haloperidol increases caspase-3 activity more than risperidone. Conclussion Risperidone and haloperidol induce apoptosis of neuronal cells and tardive dyskinesia in Wistar rats with psychotic models.

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