International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vol 5, No 2: April 2015

A Novel Method for Rotor Field-Oriented Control of Single-Phase Induction Motor

M. Jannati (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
T. Sutikno (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan)
N. R. N. Idris (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
M. J. A. Aziz (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

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01 Apr 2015


This paper presents a novel rotor field-oriented control (RFOC) method for asymmetrical single-phase induction motor (SPIM). It is shown in this paper that by using a suitable transformation matrix (TM) for stator current variables, the asymmetrical equations of SPIM are transformed into symmetrical equations. Based on this similarity, a novel vector conrol technique for SPIM is presented. Performance of the proposed method is assessed using MATLAB/SIMULINK software. Simulation results showed the excellence speed and torque responses obtained using the proposed technique.

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